Team Clinton Telling Half Truths and Urging Revolution to Steal Election. Is it Possible?


THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED in such a way as to garner Donald Trump 270 plus electoral votes needed to be president; nonetheless, their vote is not the final determinant as to whom will actually be president.  In fact, all  that these numbers represent is the people’s desire for the 538 electors scattered throughout their respective states and the District of Columbia to vote the way they did.  The people cast their vote on November 8, but it serves only as an indicator for the electors who do not vote until December 19. Each state has both a Democratic and Republican roster of electors.  The roster representing the party of the candidate that won the popular vote in each state is the roster that will vote on December 19. It is they, not the people, that decide who the next president will be – the Hilary Camp is banking on this unique electoral verity as their alternate path to the White House.


The names on the winning candidate’s party roster (from the Nov. 8 election) are the electors who will choose the president on December 19.  Once chosen, the electors are expected to vote for the candidate that won the popular vote in their state. There are 30 states, including the District  of Columbia, where electors pledge to vote for the people’s choice. Alphabetically, these are:  Alabama, Alaska, California, Delaware, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

With so many electors pledged, the result might seem like a sure guarantee for Trump. Unfortunately, although ” throughout our history as a nation, more than 99 percent of Electors have voted as pledged; they do not have to do so. According to the National Archives

“Political parties may extract pledges from electors to vote for the parties’ nominees. Some state laws provide that so-called “Faithless Electors” may be subject to fines or may be disqualified for casting an invalid vote and be replaced by a substitute elector. The Supreme Court has not specifically ruled on the question of whether pledges and penalties for failure to vote as pledged may be enforced under the Constitution. No Elector has ever been prosecuted for failing to vote as pledged” (nearly 200 have voted against the pledge).

Fifteen states do not require a pledge. Electors in these states are free to follow their conscience (Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia). This fact, coupled with knowledge that no elector has ever been prosecuted for failing to vote as pledged, makes it appear that the Clinton camp does, in fact, have one last chance to flip the election. Trump appears to have won won by 51 electoral votes. Consequently  a minimum of 26 electors would have to swap. If Clinton supporters can persuade approximately 26 electors representing the Republican Party to swap candidates on December 19, Clinton will win.

Because it is their last chance, Clinton supporters are stopping at nothing to make electoral history; they have already launched an electronic petition found at to persuade the Electoral College to name Clinton as the next president. They are asking electors “to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton.”  Already 3.5 million people have signed the petition.

According to the petition:

“On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply pay a small fine – which we can be sure Clinton supporters will be glad to pay!”

Their argument continues:

“Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President.  Hillary won the popular vote. The only reason Trump “won” is because of the Electoral College. But the Electoral College can actually give the White House to either candidate. So why not use this most undemocratic of our institutions to ensure a democratic result?”


“If electors vote against their party, they usually pay a fine. And people get mad (that’s all). But they can vote however they want and there is no legal means to stop them in most states.”

Far fetched as it might seem, liberal advocates for the Hilary cause (such as those at actually think they can pull off an electoral debacle and get away with it; they have been caught using Craigslist to advertise for paid protesters as if they were staging a color revolution right here in the United States. The Washington Post, in an attempt to dismiss the Craig-list phenomenon, admitted its existence:

“There are clearly progressive organizations that are hoping to use Trump’s election as a tool for organizing. Advocacy groups often hire staff to help organize activities around elections, which appears to be what those Craigslist ads are for. The phone number on several that were passed around link back to the Community Outreach Group, which was mostly hiring for campaign work. MoveOn is certainly hoping to leverage the current moment to its advantage, which includes trying to raise funds from Trump’s win, as its main webpage suggests. Yes, it supports the protests and encourages its members to participate; that’s organizing.”


If there are any doubts that the current protests are part of a call to “revolution”, they can be mitigated by considering the fact that pro-Clinton Bernie Sanders had his book entitled “Revolution” promoted on national television last night (November 14) by Stephen Cobert  during a seven minute harangue of President-Elect Trump.



When asked if in light of the election results he would change the title of his book, “Revolution“, Mr. Sanders responded:

“NOW MORE THAN EVER OUR REVOLUTION!” (14 second mark of video).

A little further on when asked by Cobert what people should do.  Sanders responded:

“What you do NOW is get involved heavily into the political process.  When millions of people stand up and fight back, we will not be denied” followed by cheers and applause (2:29).

Bernie manifests his animus towards Trump when he blames the Supreme Court for allowing “billionaires to buy elections” (video @ 4:11) totally ignoring the fact (and his hypocrisy) that Hilary is not so poor herself and that her campaign spent nearly double that spent by the Trump campaign.

Bernie Sanders is feeding the movement on the streets; he wants revolution “now more than ever”. Thus, the folks at MoveOn congratulated both Clinton and Sanders – someone, they wrote, must stop the “toxic” “hate” that is impeding “progress” toward an LGBT, abortion, pornography, and usury safe world represented by Clinton and Sanders.:

“We congratulate Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and their tens of millions of supporters. Together, we will defeat Donald Trump’s toxic campaign of hate and lay the groundwork for progress.”

Anyone watching the protests in American cities can judge for themselves where the “toxic hate” is coming from.  The so-called tolerance crowd does not seem so tolerant after all. It is difficult to feel the “love” coming from their profuse and vociferous hate rallies.

It all spells potential trouble for Trump who might have have a unique problem in the Electoral College because many Republicans did not vote for him in the general election,  esp. “Neocon” Republicans and leading party representatives such as Colin Powell, the Bush Presidents George W  and George H.W. (who did not vote at all), Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Larry Pressler, Norm Coleman, Sally Bradshaw, Gordon Humphrey, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and a host of others”

The electoral outcome is not as clear as it usually is, due to Trump’s loss of many Republicans.  The Clinton camp is hoping that the same thing happens in the Electoral College.  On January 6, Congress will officially meet in joint session to count the electoral votes cast on December 19. President Obama and Vice President Biden will preside over the joint session and the vote count and they will also announce the winner.

Sometime between mid-November and December 19, the governor of each state will prepare a Certificate of Ascertainment“, and forward it to the electors.

Then on December 19, electors will meet in their respective states and vote for  Vice President and President on separate ballots. Their votes are recorded on documents referred to as Certificate of Vote“. The full set of electoral votes consists of a Certificate of Vote and a Certificate of Ascertainment.

These certificates are forwarded to Congress for their January 6 review. If a state submits conflicting votes to Congress, the two house acting together may accept or reject the vote. That is, they may do with it whatever they think best: accept the Governor’s list or accept the Elector’s list or reject them both. Given that the electors might not vote according to the Ascertainment sent them by the governor, there might very well be a difference, in  which case the vote would be decided by the the House and Senate.

Thus, for Hilary to win, electors must vote differently than directed by the people of their respective states presumably contained in the Governor’s Certificate of Ascertainment. If this happens, the Elector’s List  would differ from the Governor’s thereby leaving it to the Congress (the House and Senate together) to decide to accept or reject the elector’s choice. If they do not concur on the outcome; that is, if they do not both agree to accept either the elector’s or the governor’s list, the votes of the state’s electors certified by the Governor (Certificate of Ascertainment), must be counted.

Thus for Hilary to be elected. two things must work in her favor:

(1) The electors must vote differently than indicated on the governor’s list

(2) Both houses must accept the elector’s changes – If both houses fail to agree on the elector’s list, than the governor’s list must be used.

Although any number of extraordinary things could happen according to this scenario, none of them are likely. This scenario represents wishful thinking on part of the liberals. Because, as usual, the liberal push for their cherished agenda is being based on false or partial information. This time the blinders are on the eyes that prepared the Hilary petition. They presented false information to their readers and would be liberal supporters.  According to the information they provided, the penalty for an elector altering his or her vote is minimal:

“If electors vote against their party, they usually pay a fine. And people get mad (that’s all). But they can vote however they want and there is no legal means to stop them in most states….Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply pay a small fine – which we can be sure Clinton supporters will be glad to pay!”

In fact, the punishment for electoral violations are not always minor; several states carry felony punishments for trying to influence or tamper with electors. For example in the State of Florida, bribing or attempting to influence the vote cast by an elector is not a simple misdemeanor but a felony. Florida Statue 104.061: ”Corruptly Influencing Voting”,  stipulates:

“Whoever by bribery, menace, threat, or other corruption whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, attempts to influence, deceive, or deter any elector in voting or interferes with him or her in the free exercise of the elector’s right to vote at any election commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084 for the first conviction, and a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, for any subsequent conviction.
A third degree felony carries a prison term of up to five years and a five thousand dollar fine. A second offense caries a prison term of up to fifteen years and a fine of $10,000 – however at the petition website they simply said, “people get mad.” In reality, people can go to jail.
In Wisconsin the State Election Code makes simple inducement or attempt to prevail upon an elector a Class I Felony:
“No person may personally or through an agent, by any act compel, induce, or prevail upon an elector either to vote or refrain from voting at any election for or against a particular candidate or referendum.
Moreover, in such cases the elector is disqualified, his/her vote rejected and a new elector appointed. Other states, besides Florida and Wisconsin, carry similar penalties.
Therefore, since it is Republican electors that must change their votes for Hilary to win, organizers against Trump are targeting the 160 Republican electors from states that do not have laws binding the electors: Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.If they are to pull off their plan, it will most likely involve electors from these states, states having no penalty for elector non-compliance – Texas would be a prize esp. since Clinton ran closer to Trump in Texas than expected. In the highly unlikely case that the liberals flip Texas (or a combination of several other states), Clinton wins and no one suffers any recrimination.
Since the door is open for an electoral challenge, since people like Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are calling for revolution NOW, and since petitions are being signed, albeit with false information, it seems to be a simple deduction that attempts will be made to influence electors, that protests will continue, that legal charges will be brought against President-Elect Trump prior to the critical dates cited above accompanied by ongoing smear campaigns and continual sobbing, which has worked so well for so long. For example, Trump is expected to appear in federal court for rape charges later this month.  According to the Huffington Post, November 2:

“If you’ve been anywhere near Facebook or Twitter in the past several months, you’re probably aware that there is a case working its way through the courts that accuses Donald Trump of raping a 13-year-old girl in 1994.


“On Wednesday, the woman, who remains anonymous, was slated to appear at a press conference with her new attorney, Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred Bloom, wrote a column about the case in The Huffington Post last summer.

Although this case has been subsequently dropped, others are pending such as the law suit over Trump University, which trial is scheduled begin later this month, and anything else that the legions can cook up or partially support in anyway to vilify Trump.

In spite of these eventualities, New Era does not foresee a Clinton victory in the Electoral College.  Since the House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans, even if several key Republicans voted against Trump, he still represents the Republican ticket; moreover, a vote against Trump would mean an endorsement of Hillary, which is highly unlikely unless the elector happens to be a neocon.

Given the history of the Electoral College, the legal parameters built around it, and the unlikely scenario  of electors in only 15 states engaging in an unprecedented electoral initiative, we do not foresee a Clinton victory. Such an occurrence is highly remote. Given the fact that Clinton supporters are increasingly active and being encouraged to carry on their protests, given the fact that a petition, no mater how specious and misleading, is operative, and that neocon electors might turn to Hilary make the possibility of a Clinton victory in the Electoral College less remote; nonetheless it is still remote.

Since these are highly volatile times, times filled with bursting emotion and bitterness, as well as with hope and expectation, the solution for Trump supporters is prayer. If God’s hand is active in human history at this key moment, as we believe it is as evidenced by Christian renewal all around the globe, God will  continue to take care of the issues.  Trump opponents are confused and baffled; they have been hit with a flaming loss just when everything seemed to be going their way; they are unsure how Trump could win, unsure about what just happened.

Unsure or not, it did happen just as it is happening elsewhere around the globe.  God’s people in the United States must therefore do their part, just as they are elsewhere around the world.  The appropriate response is opposite of that adopted by the liberal camp. Not to the streets with violence and hatred but to the streets, if necessary, with positive support of their candidate and most of all, to the knees in prayer and reparation; not violence but prayer for forgiveness, mercy and compassion and for God’s will to be done.  This is the appropriate response for Christian men and women, the appropriate and most powerful means by which they will finish what has been begun: Getting Donald Trump into the White House with God’s blessing and the proper support of Christian men and women who take the high road,  while their opponents continue to wallow in their feculence. To assure God’s blessing, their liberal opponents no matter how annoying must not be ridiculed, belittled, accosted, or abused but loved, understood, pitied, and mercifully prayed for:

“Yet the archangel Michael, when he argued with the devil in a dispute over the body of Moses, did not venture to pronounce a reviling judgment upon him but (simply) said, “May the Lord rebuke you!” But these people revile what they do not understand and are destroyed by what they know by nature like irrational animals.

Woe to them! They followed the way of Cain, abandoned themselves to Balaam’s error for the sake of gain, and perished in the rebellion of Korah….They are waterless clouds blown about by winds, fruitless trees in late autumn, twice dead and uprooted. They are like wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shameless deeds, wandering stars for whom the gloom of darkness has been reserved forever.

So, “Lord have mercy.”




Trump Vow to Take on Global Establishment Followed by Promise of Support to Catholics


AS A RESULT OF DONALD TRUMP’S ACCUSATION of a conspiracy against the American people, he has come under fire from the Zionist Defense Team. Because Trump displayed some prominent Jewish faces in his final add before Tuesday’s election, the Anti-Semitic Pro-Zionist “Times of Israel” (whose agents zealously scrutinized Trump’s recent speech to discover veiled threats  to expose and defeat a New Order conspiracy led by Zionists) has accused him  of anti-Semitism .  According to the Times:

“Philanthropist investor George Soros, Federal Reserve head Janet Yellen and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, all of whom are Jewish, appear onscreen as Trump inveighs against “levers of power in Washington” and “global special interests” — both considered anti-Semitic dog-whistles.”


“The video (shown below) also intersperses images of the Clintons, President Barack Obama, Congress, foreign leaders and the United Nations. All these are juxtaposed with pictures of regular Americans, whom Trump urges to rise up.”

Trump highlighted the primary aim of his running for president in a speech delivered on November 6, in which he articulated his commitment to

“…replace a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by the American people”

According to to the network of associations manifest in the Trump add, a nefarious network controls the Federal Reserve and is trying to stop him from becoming president. Mr. Trump will draw intense ire from the Zionist establishment if he keeps up this diatribe, but he is likely to draw even more ire from the liberal Zionist camp for his support of the United State Bishops and the Catholic Church.

Catholics, Trump says, have made

“…countless contributions to the American success story.”

Nonetheless Catholics in America, according to Trump, are victims of a triple hostility directed at them by neoliberal politicians:

“Washington politicians have been hostile to the church, they have been hostile to Catholics; they have been hostile to the members of Catholicism.”

Trump promises therefore to

“…stand side by side with American Catholics to promote the values we all share as Christians and Americans.


Consequently, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City is perplexed by the old and worn our arguments made by the supposedly Catholic Kaine and the liberal cabal:

“It was painful to listen to Senator Kaine repeat the same tired and contorted reasoning to profess his personal opposition to abortion while justifying his commitment to keep it legal. He said all the usual made-for-modern-media sound bites: It is not proper to impose his religious beliefs upon all Americans. He trusts women to make good reproductive choices. And when all else fails, there is always: Do we really want to criminalize and fill our jails with post-abortive women?”

Kaine must be suffering from an acute case of character dysfunction – holding one set of beliefs in private but advancing another opposite set in public. Nearly everyone knows this game by now; basically Kaine is hiding behind a public-private problem that does not exist. No American ever denied a politician a right to fight for his or her core beliefs – every politician worth his or her salt does so.  The truth is Kaine is pro-abortion.  The test available to Christians struggling with this issue is simple:  Jesus, the Head of the Church, clearly told his flock how to discern the truth in such matters. Such men as Kaine, Jesus tells us are suffering from a psychological malady of self-deception:

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if a man be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he shall be compared to a man beholding his own countenance in a glass. For he beheld himself, and went his way, and presently forgot what manner of man he was. But he that hath looked into the perfect law of liberty, and hath continued therein, not becoming a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work; this man shall be blessed in his deed” (James 1:22-25).

Jesus drove the point home be telling His disciples not to judge a man by his words but by his deeds;  a tree is known by its fruits and Kaine’s fruits are rotten ergo, Kaine is rotten.

“For there is no good tree that bringeth forth evil fruit; nor an evil tree that bringeth forth good fruit. For every tree is known by its fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns; nor from a bramble bush do they gather the grape. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil” (Luke 6:43).

Thus, according to Archbishop Naumann:

“It is interesting that Senator Kaine expressed his personal anguish when as governor he enforced capital punishment sentences. He gave the impression that he attempted unsuccessfully to convince Virginians to abolish the death penalty. Yet, with regard to legalized abortion, I am not aware of Senator Kaine making a similar effort to convince his constituents to work for public policies that protect the lives of the unborn. Instead, he appears eager to champion not only maintaining the status quo, but actually expanding abortion rights.”

It is ironic, the Archbishop continues that

“Senator Kaine expressed such profound concern about imposing his religious beliefs on others, while supporting efforts:

  1. “To coerce the Little Sisters of the Poor and other faith-based ministries to violate their conscience by including abortifacients, contraceptives and sterilizations in their employee health plans;”
  2. “To put small business owners (e.g., florists, bakers, photographers, etc.) out of business with crippling fines if they decline to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies; and”
  3. “To force every American taxpayer to help fund abortion.”

Kaine has no problem fighting against the Church but has real problem fighting for Her.  The fact is, Kaine is  not telling the truth; he is more concerned with gaining the world while putting his soul in peril. It is his game to play, but no one should be fooled any longer by this “worn out” banter. In fact, it is is painful to hear such a man eternally ruin himself for a moment of temporal glory.

Kaine is playing with fire, and the only one being fooled is Kaine himself (James 1: 22-25-as mentioned above). He is more than a wayward sheep, he is an impostor who is known by his fruits.  He cannot be a good tree according to the judgement of God, because good trees do not bring forth evil fruit.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.”

Kaine can cry Christian and Catholic all he wants, God is not fooled nor are His true disciples:

“Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. Many will say to me in that day: Lord, Lord, have not we prophesied in thy name, and cast out devils in thy name, and done many miracles in thy name? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.”

Perhaps if Kaine placed the law of God before the law of the state and the interpretation of the Church before the interpretation of the Supreme Court, he might not be in such a heinous quandary. He can fool himself, but he does not fool the Church or the followers of Christ.

Trump, on the other hand,  concludes his exposition of the liberal world order by acknowledging that:

“It is the corrupt American political establishment that is the greatest power behind the effort at radical globalization” (at 4:18 in the video below).

In speaking of Clinton and the New Order cabal behind her, Trump makes perhaps his most insightful statement:

“Most importantly, the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited.” (5:06).

Ms. Clinton has a much different attitude about Catholics and Christians and morality than Mr. Trump. According to Ms. Clinton:

“Deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed (presumably through a Catholic or Christian Spring).”

“I want a supreme court that will stick with Roe v Wade and that will stick with marriage equality (same sex marriages).”

“Donald”, she says, “has put forth some names of people he has considered (for supreme court) and among the names he has suggested are people who would reverse Roe v Wade and reverse marriage equality.”

Given the current state of foreign, domestic, and moral affairs, if Clinton becomes president it can be expected that any church that violates these sacred liberal values will be punished as were those private businesses that opposed same sex marriage.  George Sorros, a major contributor to the Clinton campaign and to the neoliberal world agenda, will flourish under a Clinton regime. Clinton has promised to abolish the Hyde Amendment, which blocks government funding from killing children in their mother’s wombs. On top of all this, she wants to exacerbate relations with Russia by imposing a no-fly zone in Syria ,which according to leading analysts in the Armed Service Committee would “require us to go to war with Syria and Russia.”  Too bad, the Russians have already beat Hilary to the game and are helping to avert war and to help Christians in Syria and elsewhere:

“The tables are now turned. Now the supposed protectors of innocent Syrians—the US and her coalition partners—will need to ask permission to fly their planes over Syria because they would be flying in the new, Russian, multi-layered, missile shield known as the “Integrated Air Defense System.”

Russia has beaten the United States to a key strategy in Syria with its new ability to create a no-fly zone, delivered by a new S-300 surface-to-air missile system, according to military analysts.”

Under Hilary the State Department engaged in a global affront that has failed almost everywhere it has been implemented from the Philippines to Poland, from Hungary to Malaysia and into the continent of Africa.  Liberalism is failing as a global foreign agenda. Trump, being aware of this, has decided to work with sovereign nations as respected equals, to uphold the rights of Christians, to lessen hostility against them, and to counter the liberal World Order machine. For these things, he has come under fire from the Zionist Defense Team who do nothing to hide their disdain for Christians who hold to the truths of the faith and will not accept the new order the cabal is trying to impose by using people like Secretary Clinton.  They are all speaking well of Ms. Hilary and vilifying Trump.  Again, Christ has left His disciples wisdom by which they can discern what is going on here:

“Woe to you when men shall bless you: for according to these things did their fathers to the false prophets” (Luke 6:26).


“If also you suffer any thing for justice’ sake, blessed are ye” (1 Peter 3:14).

If Hilary is elected, Assistant Secretary Nuland’s” FU” to the European Union will become FU to Russia and the world will creep toward war rather than peace.  This is why New Era Intelligence is forecasting a Trump victory and reconciliation with Russia to help usher in an Era of Peace or a Clinton victory and humiliation for the United States if it continues to advance a liberal agenda in defiance of God’s laws.

Word of the development comes in a report from Reuters, which cited its own analysis of “publicly available tracking data.”


Hungary Like Poland Moves Towards its Christian Roots


HUNGARY, LIKE POLAND AND SLOVAKIA et al has recently, amid scathing criticism, began a movement opposed to the moral, economic, and political program of neoliberalism promoted by leading Western nations. Along these lines, Hungary like its Slavic counterparts, is resisting the EU proposal to relocate Islamic refugees. Of three million one hundred thousand Hungarians who cast a vote in a nationwide referendum, 98 percent were opposed to the EU migrant quota plan.

According to Prime Minister Viktor Orban .

“Brussels can’t impose its will on Hungary (that is, its refugee policy or any objectionable neo-liberal policy). The choice was between Brussels (capitol of the European Union) and Budapest (capitol of Hungary), and people chose Budapest” (Britain First).



In addition, amid harsh criticism from the West, Hungary, like an increasing array of other nations, maintains a different foreign policy vis a vis Russia than the EU would like to see.

​In February 2015, Orban stated that,

‘We think that without cooperation with Russia, we cannot achieve our goals.” (Business Insider)



Hungary’s leading Fidesz Party led by Prime Minister Orban has much in common with the newly elected Law and Justice Party of Poland (Pis). Both favor a strong sense of patriotism and are increasingly skeptical of EU economic, political and social initiatives; they both favor limits on immigration, oppose liberal moral values and liberal control of the media while promoting national and traditional moral values. They both are staunch supporters of Christianity and Catholic social teaching regrading distributive justice in service of the broad common good. Both Fidesz and Pis favor progressive Catholic social ideas of private property hallowed by charity and justice with a communitarian dimension in favor of broad distribution that provides a social safety net to poverty and a strong element of human dignity. Both Poland and Hungary have moved to place moral  limits on the media amid loud outcry from the EU, which in the name of tolerance views any such restrictions as a violation of human rights rather than a guarantor of human dignity and therefore a boon for human rights.

Along this moral contour, Hungary is in the vanguard with Russia regarding the protection of Christians around the globe. Orban has clearly indicated that Hungary will work in tandem with the Pope Francis and the Catholic Church to aid persecuted Christians.  In fact, he regards Catholics as:

“the most vulnerable Christians in the world” (Vatican Radio).

Surprisingly, it is not the United States or the United Kingdom that has vowed to protect Christians around the globe, but Russia and Hungary. Like Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban has made it clear that predominantly Catholic and Christian Hungary will defend persecuted Christians in the Middle East.  Orban has, moreover, backed his words with action; he has created an executive department to aid persecuted Christians and has endowed it with an initial operating budget of $3.35 million.



As in Poland and Russia, the Prime Minister of Hungary has moved to protect unborn children and to promote the sanctity of life by amending the Hungarian Constitution to articulate the principle that  life begins at conception and that marriage consists of a perpetual union of one man and one woman.

Orban is a sure proponent of democracy and human dignity, but he is opposed to what he refers to as “liberal democracy” (democracy with a neoliberal tinge) in favor of “illiberal democracy“, that is democracy without liberalism.  In short, Hungary under Orban has moved toward its Christian heritage in favor of traditional Christian values; it is increasingly opposed to EU liberalism in favor of a Christian commonwealth

In addition to Fidiez, Jobbik (Hungary’s third largest political party) shares many of its ideas along the Christian spectrum. Jobbik defines itself as

 “A principled, conservative and radically patriotic Christian party“, whose “fundamental purpose” is the protection of “Hungarian values and interests.”

As a result of the parliamentary elections of 2014, Jobbik received over a million votes thereby garnering 21% of the seats in parliament becoming the third largest party in the National Assembly.



As in Russia and to a lesser extent among Pis leaders in Poland, Jobbik is opposed to the spread of neoliberalism or global capitalism and the international institutions that support and perpetuate it. As a result, it advocates Hungary for Hungarians and closely monitors foreign investment within its borders. Like the others, Jobbik is characterized by a strong distrust of Zionism and international finance, perhaps the most contentious political, social, and cultural issue in play today. As a result, Jobbik directly opposes Jewish (read Zionist) investments in Hungary.

Party Chairman Gabor Vona  has been quoted as saying:

“The Israeli conquerors, these investors, should look for another country in the world for themselves because Hungary is not for sale.”



As a final display of its defiance for liberalism, the European Union has threatened sanctions on Poland for its  recent move to place moral limits on the foreign press and the implied protection of Christian values via the appointment of “midnight judges” to the national tribunal (supreme court). According to Politico, PiS has an alliance with the Roman Catholic Church, and will resist liberalism imported from Western Europe. As such, the new Minister of Culture, Piotr Gliński, has stated that in accord with Christian social values:

“Single-sex marriage, abortion, gender ideology — these are red lines for us”

After years of experiencing ideological dominance by the supreme court, similar to the ideological dominance exercised by the United States Supreme Court that resulted in abortion rights (Roe v Wade), Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the founder of PiS, referred to the tribunal as

“The bastion of everything in Poland that is bad.”

Consequently, it is not surprising to see such rancor over supreme court appointments, over justices that can rule on the constitutionality of laws passed by parliament. Law and Justice (PiS) however, not only won the presidency; it also gained an outright majority in the parliament. PiS now governs by popular mandate and wields more power than any government since the collapse of communism in 1989. Consequently, any attempt by the EU to impose sanctions on Poland for something that is well within its sovereign rights to oppose are highly unlikely. Hungary, moreover, has indicated, it will veto any such sanctions should they be imposed.

Poland is on a similar path as Hungary, its geographical, historical, and political cousin: One of the first steps taken by Orban in Hungary was placing limits on that nation’s constitutional court because that court was loaded with liberal and neoliberal ideologues opposed to Christian renewal.

Orban has clearly stated his preference for Christianity and opposition to worn out liberalism. One of his primary goals is to build an

“illiberal new state based on national foundations” 

There was a visible Hungarian presence at the annual nationalist march in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day, November 11. “Friendship today, alliance tomorrow,” read a bilingual banner carried by youths with Jobbik flags.

According  to a Polish priest nestled in the crowd:

“Nowhere in the world is there such a tie between nations.”

Hungary’s cooperation with the Polish National Movement is rooted in a shared vision of Europe; Márton Gyöngyösi, a leader of Jobbik responsible for foreign policy, told POLITICO.

“As opposed to liberal values based on individualism, secularism, consumerism and multiculturalism, we support the defense of the nation state, its traditions, ethnic composition and Christian values,”