Kenya Withdraws its Troops from UN Sponsored Mission


KENYA ANNOUNCED THE WITHDRAW of its 1,000 troops from the United Nations sponsored mission in South Sudan. This comes days after the Kenyan Commander, Lt. Gen. Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki, was released because he was so incensed by UN treatment of civilians that he released a report detailing the failure of UN peacekeepers to defend civilians and humanitarian aid workers when they were attacked by radicals in Juba (capital of South Sudan) last July.

In South Sudan 40% of the population is Catholic, with approximately 6.5 million Catholics out of a total population of 16.7 million.

According to Kenyan officials, following an independent investigation appointed by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Lt. Gen Johnson was dismissed:

“The investigation was instigated and demanded by certain current and future members of the United Nations Security Council with vested interests in the political positions to protect in the contexts of what transpired in Southern Sudan during that particular incident that was under investigation,” Ambassador Kamau said.