Fatima: Intelligence Reports


Theopolitical Insight Necessary to UNDERSTAND THE NEWS
Be among the few to Understand Fatima in Depth

THERE HAS BEEN MUCH CONFUSION about the Virgin Mary, Fatima, and Her requested consecration of Russia and its subsequent conversion.

New Era Intelligent Reports provide in-depth analysis to
(1) Clear away confusion wrought by the agents of darkness in the guise of anti-Masonry (but probably Masonic agents themselves), to
(2) Bring clarity to the Fatima Message esp. regarding the Conversion of Russia, First Saturday Devotion, and the Era of Peace, and to
(3) Expose errors meant to distort the authentic message, minimize the Era of Peace, and to perpetuate a false eschatology to catch the faithful of guard and to fool the elect if possible.

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  • Intelligence Report One:      The Blessed Virgin Mary – Error on Both Sides of the Theological Spectrum
  • Intelligence Report Two:      Confusion in Marian Apostolate Result of The Woman at War with Serpent
  • Intelligence Report Three:   Error on the Right – Tradition – Family – Property (TFP) – America Needs Fatima:
  • Intelligence Report Four:     Error on the Right Continued – TFP and Father Grunner
  • Intelligence Report Five:      Error of Left – Medjugorje – Heretical New Age Sophistry
  • Intelligence Report Six:        Russia has Been Properly Consecrated – Proof from the Fatima Documents
  • Intelligence Report Seven:   Third Secret of Fatima – Chastisment The Big Lie – We are Entering an Era of Peace


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