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THIS PAST WEEK NEWERA provided two articles detailing President Trump’s unexpected release of his National Security Adviser and seemingly ludicrous request that Russia return Crimea to the Ukraine. This controversial and highly unexpected request was immediately rejected by Russian statesmen; as one Russian reporter noted: this will happen as soon as the United States gives California back to Mexico. Together, these controversial actions appear to signal a weakening of what looked like support for a rapprochement with Russia. After gathering relevant data from various and conflicting sources, breaking the data into component parts, comparing and contrasting the parts and determining veracity of the information (is there evidence that reported events really happened), considering the ideological motivations of news outlets and the web of relationships among the data points, comparison and contrast ended with propositional judgement  (is there evidence that events really happened as reported). This was a followed by a synthesis of the data involving not only historical, cultural, political and economic variables, but philosophical and theological variables as well as unexpected turn of events and discernible global patterns that indicate emerging trends and serve as catalysts to unexpected change. These methodological components are all necessary parts behind a robust Intelligence Report, which is further checked for its own logical validity followed by a forecast relevant to the events under scrutiny.


CONCLUSION: President Trump’s actions can be understood as a practical rational response to internal pressures arising from the so-called “deep government (people who exercise a powerful influence on political affairs, but not necessarily elected officials (financiers, bureaucrats, corporate interests, and those who prefer to manipulate and, if possible, control events from behind the scenes). Newera prefers the term “shadow-government” to “deep government” because this “government” is operated by veiled doyens skilled at circumventing exposure, doyens and intelligence agents who avoid “transparency” by operating under a veil of darkness that casts a shadow over occurring events. Clearly, someone is leaking data detrimental to the Trump Team, not even the President of the United States, whom these intelligence officers supposedly work for, knows who they are – he is in a dim shadow because they are operating under cover of darkness. The only evidence of their operation, all that can be observed is a shadow, a shadow formed by the fact that light has been blocked out. No exposure of light is permitted, no cracked windows though which it might flow because there are no windows in this wall. This is how a strong shadow is formed, hence the term, “shadow government”, one unnamed massive wall of operatives, which President Trump is up against. The real question is whether or not Mr. Trump is up to a life and death struggle to reclaim America for All Americans thereby making  “America Great Again.”


FORECAST: Despite the monumental bulwark known as the “shadow government’, the United States and Russia will continue down a path of rapprochement but not without significant interference from a ubiquitous shadow-government.  Because it is, or appears to be, “ubiquitous”, interference can be expected from all ends of the political and social-cultural spectrum. Constant, well orchestrated and confusing (shadows can be used to cast confusing and mixed messages) series of events can be expected as agents from both the left and right proceed to push confrontation to a boiling point. Nonetheless, in the long run, the shadow government will fail as it has consistently failed and been out maneuvered in its foreign policy initiatives for the past decade – we have no discernible reason to believe that this chain of events will cease unfolding. The shadow-government is being opposed by more than Mr. Trump – they are losing their grip on power, and they know it. Again the real question is what will Mr. Trump do? Will he continue down the road of his immediate predecessors, or be bold enough to set America on a new course?


Full Intel Report Tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 20