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WHEREVER CONFUSION ABOUNDS Satan can be found in close vicinity.  The Father of Lies and promoter of division is a master of deceit; his deceit however is detected by divisive confusion, such as the confusion engendered by radical traditionalists who insist that the Message of Fatima has been perverted by the Pope and Papal Curia. Some traditionalists are so opposed to the idea that Russia has abandoned Communism and is embracing Christianity that they have no problem accusing the pope of deception, conspiracyfalsifying the Message of Fatima, apostasy and covertly presenting the world with a false Lucia while crushing the real Luca behind bars suppressed by an order of silence.

Fortunately, their fabricated stories and accusations are finally unravelling.  To avoid the embarrassment of looking ridiculous in the face of overwhelming evidence attesting to the magnificent and unexpected changes occurring in Russia and throughout Europe, in the face of this voluminous data, they are being forced to alter and change their convoluted stories, forced to admit that Russia is indeed being converted.  However, because they are unable to relinquish their stone-cold commitment to an apparently pre-conceived script, a script that requires an imminent and Great Chastisement, they continue to insist that although Pope John Paul II’s intent to consecrate Russia was sincere, Russia was nonetheless not consecrated correctly and therefore remains a grave threat to world peace..

To fathom their perverted script, and its recent alteration, it is necessary to understand that these “Fatimites” (self-proclaimed Fatima experts) make at least six fundamental errors (three explored in this article) leading to and regarding their faulty presentation of the Message of Fatima:

  • They try to blemish Vatican Council II by using it as the reason for the “Smoke of Satan” entering the Church when in fact this noxious vapor entered on the tails of Communism (as Our Lady warned)
  • They set themselves up as sole authorities of dogma thereby disregarding what the Church has stated and therefore tumble into egregious error
  • They adopt an arrogant and fundamentalist attitude toward the message and thereby misinterpret and misconstrue the words of Our Lady”  “Russia” and “Converted”


Vatican Council II

In the years following the French Revolution Catholic patriots harbored hopes that a counter-revolution could be launched and the “ancien regime” (Catholic Church, Catholic King and Catholic Aristocracy) restored.  As the years slipped by this hope became more and more remote. Realizing that Napoleon had successfully carried the banners of anti-Catholic Liberalism across Europe followed by the defeat and dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 and the fall of the Papal States in 1870 accompanied by the rapid spread of anti-Christian Modernism, realizing the longevity of all these things Pope Leo XIII initiated a rapprochement with the modern world, a rapprochement that has continued right up to the present time.

In effect, the Church was forced to admit that it had lost the temporal battle with Modernism, that the temporal Kingdom of Christendom had been ransacked by victorious liberal forces and thus forced to acquiesce, forced to accept the new ideas of liberal democracy, the free market and other secular and liberal ideas.  Church leaders soon realized that its modus operandi was outdated; without its temporal sword, condemnation and anathemas were no longer or little effective. The world had been inundated and infested with liberal ideas that had become the cultural mindset of its children and the milieu in which they moved, had in effect become what John Paul II would later refer to as “Structures of Sin”.  Realizing the pervasive power and broad influence of internalized cultural values facilitated and inculcated by public education, mass media, and modern technology, church leaders slowly acquired a new vision, a vision necessary for survival and effective evangelization in a rapidly changing and increasingly hostile world. The words of St Paul slowly but inevitably dawned upon them:

“I made myself the servant of all, that I might gain the more….To the weak I became weak, that I might gain the weak. I became all things to all men, that I might save all. And I do all things for the gospel’s sake: that I may be made partaker thereof” (1 Corinthians 9:19).

Realizing the need to become all things to all men with a view of winning them to Christ, realizing that the church must make itself more modern (without adopting the errors of “Modernism”) that it might gain modern men and women, Pope John XXIII called for Ecumenical Council, Vatican II. John hastened to address this dynamic tension (fidelity to dogma and fidelity to serving man in the modern context) in his Opening Speech to the Council:

“From the renewed, serene and tranquil adherence to all the teaching of the Church in its entirety and preciseness, as it still shines forth in the acts of the Council of Trent and First Vatican Council, the Christian, Catholic and apostolic spirit of the whole world expects a step forward toward a doctrinal penetration and a formation of consciences in faithful and perfect conformity to the authentic doctrine which, however, should be studied and expounded through the methods of research and through the literary forms of modern thought. The substance of the ancient doctrine of the Deposit of Faith is one thing, and the way in which it is presented is another…, everything being measured in the forms and proportions of a magisterium which is predominantly pastoral in character.”

John XXXIII clearly understood that the Church must remain loyal to its bedrock dogmas but find new ways to encounter modern man, to emphasize a magisterium that was predominantly pastoral but firmly committed to the Deposit of Faith. Certain regressive elements in the church, however, those favoring aristocracy and a return to Catholic traditionalism, were blind to the fact that they were living in a nostalgic fantasy land, a bygone Era out of sync with modern democracy. Unlike the Medieval world of the ancien regime, the modern world had been infested by an explosion of occultism, of secret societies, and the return of gnostic forces and the evils of Communism. The minds and hearts of modern men had been severely altered by this Communist and Masonic onslaught. To survive; moreso to reach modern souls infected with liberalism and socialism, the church had to alter its approach; it had to take several steps downward and backward out of love for souls; it had to descend so that modern man might slowly ascend:

“If a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them should go astray: doth he not leave the ninety-nine in the mountains, and go to seek that which is gone astray” (Matt 18:12).

The situation by 1960 had grown so very severe that it was not ninety-nine safe and one lost sheep, but moving toward one safe sheep and ninety-nine lost; something clearly had to be done. The one good sheep left alone in order to save the ninety-nine stray and lost might feel abandoned (as some Traditionalists do); nonetheless, they should be praying that the shepherds are successful and also engaged in penance for the souls of the lost sheep the shepherds are trying to rescue and save.  Specifically, the good traditionalists should be engaged in “Penance, Penance, Penance”, as the angel in the Third Secret of Fatima loudly proclaimed, not penance for themselves, but a specific form of penance known as “Reparation” of the good for the bad, penance for the lost sheep destined for hell as Our Lady pleaded for at Fatima. Instead they are often bitter, disconsolate and condemning, judgemental and demanding justice rather than mercy and compassion that lead to acts of reparation.  Only a merciful heart full of compassion and love can offer reparation penance; a judgemental and condemning heart at war with the church and the world, such a heart will have great difficulty fulfilling Our Lady’s request for reparation.  Those who judge and condemn, those who call for justice rather than patient mercy for sinners act contrary to the Mind and Heart of Jesus who came to die for sinners, the Jesus who assured His followers that

“There shall be joy in heaven upon one sinner that doth penance, more than upon ninety-nine just who need not penance.” (Luke 15:7)

“The church needs more and better pastors, not theologians  but pastors – a good PASTOR loves and does what is necessary to save his sheep!  Nonetheless, some on the extreme right insist on an outdated intellectual approach to the modern world, a rational approach from the head to a world (rightly or wrongly) living by its emotional heart. This outdated approach is both non-pastoral and ineffective.  The modern mind tends to be liberal, thus it is prudent to adopt a merciful pastoral approach while simultaneously remaining faithful to unchanging dogma.  St. John Bosco, Shepherd of Wayward Youth and lover of souls, often remarked:

“I would dance with the devil, if it meant saving a soul.”

The great St. Francis de Sales, whom Don Bosco named his Salesian Order after, de Sales understood that hardened hearts and stubborn souls are more successfully approached by love and mercy:

“Love (alone) will shake the walls of Geneva; by love we must invade it.”

Some radical traditionalists rightfully upset by abuses associated with the new liberal pastoral approach rooted in mercy and compassion wrongfully decided to engage in war, not with the world, the flesh and the devil, but a war with the Church for allegedly not seeing things their way. Possessed with overly-brilliant minds, they rebelled and soon felt themselves competent to judge the Vicar of Christ, to find him guilty of heresy, and pass a sentence of sedi vacanti thereby denying him his rightful seat as the successor of Peter. In their minds Pope Saint John XXIIIBlessed Paul VISaint John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI are all apostates or hereticsPope Francis  is most likely an anti-pope, while they stand aloof as the sole repository of Catholic truth.

They incorrectly accuse popes of heresy and schism as if they were the guardians of Catholic truth, while many of them are “material” and some “formal” artisans of deceit themselves; it is often they who are the schismatics. It is not surprising that their animus for Vatican Council II and the modern papacy has caused them to jump all over Pope Paul VI’s utterance that the “Smoke of Satan has entered the Temple of God.”


False Accusations about Vatican Council II and the “Smoke of Satan” 

It is not the errors of leftist liberalism that is the cause of the “Smoke of Satan” infesting the church.  No, the cause is more diabolical and treacherous than that mere simplicity. It is not the supposed errors of Vatican Council II that brought the Smoke of Satan into the Church, but the errors of Communism as Our Lady had warned. Communism is a “Conflict Theory”, a theory built around the dialectic of manufactured conflict.  A bad idea like Communism is easily detected. Thus, its architects know that it is best advanced by admixing it with much truth and simultaneously juxtaposing it to an equally bad idea. They are able to shroud its negative tenets by exaggerating the negative tenets in its manufactured opposite while simultaneously extolling the good of the truths with which it has enshrouded itself. Any advanced student of social science should know this.

Thus, the true “Smoke of Satan” is not merely liberal bishops, clergy and prelates on the extreme left. For Communism to make steady advances, its architects also need ultra-conservative prelates, bishops and clergy on the extreme right. Many candidates to the seminary had been infected by simple osmosis, that is they picked up the errors of Communism through socialization and then carried them into the seminary. Worse than these was entrance due to infiltration by ersatz Catholic agents trained and equipped with the ability to advance the false precepts of Communism through conflict, the manufactured conflict caused by juxtaposing extreme opposites. Depending on the lens being used, Radical Schismatic Traditionalism looks good when compared to Radical Schismatic Liberalism and conversely; no matter which one is preferred, Communism, which requires the abolition of authentic Catholicism, is advanced because they are both flawed and contrary to unity in the Church.

In this regard, when asked about the seeming opposites, Communism and Capitalism, Saint Padre Pio unexpectedly stated that they are both “indescribably evil”:

In the East they deny God from the head to the belly button (atheistic materialism or scientific socialism) while in the Wast they deny God form the belly button to the feet (hedonistic materialism or sexual, organs-pleasure).

The advance of Capitalism was aided by continually alluding to the evils of Communism. Conversely, Communism  was advanced by continually pointing out the abuses of Capitalism.  No matter which surfaced as victor, materialism, a false idea, also advanced.  The two are juxtaposed, when in fact both are gravely erroneous and detrimental to human well being.

Ultra-Liberals, like Judas, hide behind the veil of helping and loving the poor. Ultra-conservatives hide, like Jansenists, behind the veil of piety. We know what happened to Judas and the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith exposes the veil of piety assumed by schismatic ultra-traditionalists:

According to the Holy Office:  “We must resist error even when it masquerade as piety.”

Some radical traditionalist looks at MANUFACTURED LITURGICAL ABUSES and rejects the Novos Ordo Mass, even a reverent recitation that adheres to approved rubrics. Some radical liberals, on the the hand, looks at the individualistic components of the Tridentine Mass and embraces the exaggerated communal dimensions of a false reform.

What they both miss is the authentic nature of the reform initiated by Vatican II.  The truth is, the authentic reform intended by the Council has not been realized. This led Saint John Paul II to bequeath the future implementation of the Council to the next generation in his “Last Will and Testament“:

“Being on the threshold of the Third Millennium “in medio Ecclesiae,” I wish once again to express gratitude to the Holy Spirit for the great gift of Vatican Council II… I am convinced that once again and for a long time it will be given to the new generations to draw from the riches that this Council of the 20th century has lavished.”


“As a Bishop who has participated in the conciliar event from the first to the last day, I wish to entrust this great treasure to all those who are or will be in the future called to realize it. For my part, I thank the eternal Pastor who allowed me to serve this great cause in the course of all the years of my pontificate.”

There is an authentic element in the Church that is balanced, steadfast and loyal to unchanging dogma and also growing perfect in love thereby able to express truth in charity, able to embrace sinners with mercy and compassion and thereby slowly and patiently, but surely, accompany and lead the blind and disabled sheep (those lost ones so far gone that are unable to held themselves) back to Christ. These authentic Catholics embrace the Mercy of God; they seek to prayerfully encounter fallen humanity and lead it, one by one, to conversion and then Communion by offering to God what the spiritually blind are unable to offer for themselves thereby securing them an unfathomable torrent of Divine Grace a potent spiritual power obtained from what Our Lady referred to as “REPARATION” necessary for lost souls to find their way back to God. To these belong the future. Unfortunately, there are few of these souls, many reside on the left or right, many more are confused by the manufactured conflict, fake news, and sustained efforts to keep them confused.

Although extreme elements work together to undermine church unity (consciously or inadvertently) as planned by the speculative adepts of Communism, the concern of these articles is the stealthy and adroit attack from the far traditional right. It is not surprising that their distorted understanding of Vatican Council II and the modern papacy has morphed into a disdain for the papal response to the Message of Fatima as well..


Traditionalists and the Message of Fatima: faulty Interpretation of The Words “Russia” and “Converted”

Because they often presume authority to act as judges of popes and as the sole arbiters of truth about dogmatic matters, it is not surprising that they also presume to set themselves up as arbiters of truth pertaining to private revelations such as Fatima. Their biggest contentions revolve around Our Lady’s July, 1917 request that Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart and the “Third Secret.”

After revealing to the three Fatima visionaries a glimpse of hell and relating the horrors to be caused by a future World War II, the Virgin Mary told them:

“To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays.”


”If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

Unfortunately, her requests were not heeded, there was a Second World War and Communism spread throughout the globe. Nonetheless, Our Lady promised that despite the global spread of Communism, in the end, the Church would experience a definitive victory associated with Her Immaculate Heart:

”In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world..”

The consecration was not implemented correctly until Pope John Paul II Consecrated the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25, 1984 igniting a spiritual fire beginning in Poland leading to the demolition of the Berlin Wall and the end of Communism in one Eastern European nation after another accompanied by astounding changes throughout Russia.  Disregarding these obvious changes, many ultra-traditionalist Catholics want to continue an increasingly ludicrous refrain that Russia has not been converted because Saint John Paul II did not specifically mention “Russia” in his concentration.

According to Cardinal Ratzinger, before and after he became Pope Benedict XVI, according to Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II as well as ranking prelates in the Vatican Curia, according to all these high ranking Princes of the Church and according to Sister Lucia herself, Russia has been properly consecrated. lDisregarding the fact that the both Sister Lucia, the seer, and the highest authorities in the Catholic Church have  proclaimed the validity of Pope John Paul II’s consecration of Russia, certain traditionalists errantly and arrogantly stick to their arcane script that Russia has not been consecrated and therefore remains a grave threat to world peace.

Traditionalists, led by the vagus a divinis suspended priest by the name of Father Gruner (now deceased), continue to distort, fabricate and mislead unsuspecting inquirers about the Message of Fatima. Article II will examine the extent of their disinformation campaign.  Here it suffices to point out that these “Fatmites” boldly and falsely deny that Russia was properly consecrated contrary to the highest and most reputable authority of the Fatima Message, Sister Lucia herself. The VIDEO BELOW IS A BOMBSHELL SHOWING (contrary to false assertions of Father Gruner) SISTER LUCIA CLARIFYING WHAT THE VIRGIN MARY MEANT BY CONSECRATION AND AFFIRMING THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA BY POPE JOHN PAUL II

Full Version of Video at Bottom of Page – It is Well Worth Time Invested to Garner the Truth about Russia’s Consecration & Conversion

Related to the error about Russia’s consecration is the equally false accusation that Russia is not being converted because it has not become Catholic. Father Gruner and company harbor the strange idea that Russia is supposed to magically be transformed overnight into some type of Catholic utopia.  Russia’s conversion is taking place after seven decades of Communist propaganda, terror, atrocities and a cultural pogrom of unprecedented proportion and they expect an instantaneous change; moreover, they expect that their readers will be foolish enough to believe them!  As shown above, Sister Lucia clearly specified that Our Lady never said that Russia would be converted to Catholicism, but that the term “Conversion” refers to the end of Communism and the cessation of wars and persecutions perpetrated in its name.  It refers to the end of evil and a move toward the good, to the establishment of religious freedom and the ability to freely choose to follow Christ unencumbered by threats of death and torture, a freedom denied to Russian for seventy years of horrendous persecution and all out war against the faith.

Significantly, the Most Reverend Paolo Pezzi, Catholic Archbishop of Moscow, leader of the Roman Catholic Church situated in the capital of Russia itself, repeats the necessary truth: Our Lady never said Russia would become Catholic! (see video below 30 sec – 1:35):

“We should not interpret Our Lady of Fatima as foretelling the conversion of Russia to Catholicism. Absolutely not; she never said anything to that effect. The Mother of God called — and continues to call — Russia to convert to Christ. But she did not say what form that conversion should take.”


Paolo Pezzi, Archbishop of Moscow, Repeats the Necessary Truth: Our Lady Never said Russia would become Catholic! (30 sec – 1:35)


Radical Traditionalists disillusioned by Vatican Council II and emboldened by their attack on the modern papacy have purposefully extended their attack into the realm of Fatima.  This blatant attack has more than significant eschatological ramifications to be explained in future reports. NOW, It is both necessary and timely to put a stop to the Communist-Masonic disinformation campaign, a campaign intended to discredit and falsify the Message of Fatima to advance a Grand Deception,which is the object of their arcane purposes.  The fact is, Russia has been properly consecrated and is being converted. By conversion, Our Lady meant the end of Communism and rebirth of Christianity, a conversion or turning away from something extremely bad toward the good which is Christ. Like the Father of the Prodigal Son who from “A FAR” saw His son turning away from sin, saw him returning from a distance, like this loving Father, the Lord sees Russia turning from its error and is pleased, pleased even if it still has a long travel to the Father’s house:

And when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and was moved with compassion, and running to him fell upon his neck, and kissed him. And the son said to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, I am not now worthy to be called thy son. And the father said to his servants: Bring forth quickly the first robe, and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet: And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it, and let us eat and make merry:Because this my son was dead, and is come to life again: was lost, and is found. And they began to be merry” (despite his still being a long way from home) (Luke 15: 20 – 24).



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