POLAND, LONG KNOWN AS THE “BULWARK” of Christian Europe, has once again become the epicenter of opposition to those whom would destroy the Christian culture of Europe. Saint John Paul II devoted his papacy to the mission of Divine Mercy helping to bring about the words that Jesus spoke to Saint Faustina: Out of Poland would come the “spark” that would prepare the world for His final coming.

The Devotion to Divine Mercy has gained the highest approbation of the Catholic Church. The Feast of Divine mercy that Jesus presented to Saint Faustina has now been placed on the universal liturgical calendar of the catholic Church as the Feast of Divine Mercy celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter, also the day on which Pope John Paul II, the Pope of Mercy” breathed his last breath as the Vicar of Christ and “Apostle of Mercy.”

The fire that began in Poland with the pontificate of Saint John Paul II is spreading around the globe. The world press is only now beginning to take notice of it. The liberal establishment is being shaken to its foundations as Poland is being joined by Hungary, Slovakia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Malaysia, France, Austria, Moldova, Bulgaria and Russia. A general global uprising of Euro-skeptic Christian political parties and social movements are rapidly gaining momentum throughout Europe, Asia and Africa; increasing numbers are rising to challenge secular liberalism and reasserting their Christian or native patrimonies.