Ecclesiastical History of Catholic Church Books One to Five

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The oldest surviving account of Church history from the first century dawn of Christianity to the 4th century AD.  

An extensive and well documented history of the Church’s encounter with the Roman Empire and the challenges faced by the Apostles, Fathers, Doctors and Martyrs  to found Christendom a midst a sea of pagan and Jewish hostility. 

A must read for this time period; The “Father of Church History” provides information about the early Church that cannot be had from any other known source.  



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Eusebius Pamphilius: Ecclesiastical History
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 24

Eusebius Pamphilius (260-340) is known as the “Father of Church History”. Living during the time of the Emperor Constantine, Eusebius is an essential source for reliable knowledge of the Roman Empire.  

Having extensive knowledge of another “Greatest Book Historian”, the Jewish General Josephus, Eusebius is also an excellent bridge between the Ancient World and Jesus Christ who died to make all things new through the co-redemption of humanity, which He entrusted to His Church. 

Eusebius is not lauded for this reason alone; he also provides us with  an intimate account of the heroic virtues of the martyrs, a balanced understanding of relationships with non-Christian religions, with heretical sects and the unique challenges inherent in Catholic-Jewish relations.


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