Fatima Divine Mercy and Catholic Social Renewal


On June 13, 1929, the Mother of God appeared to a Portuguese nun by the name of Sister Lucia and confided to her that she wanted Russia consecrated to her Immaculate Heart promising to convert it by this means and a subsequent “Era of Peace” granted to the nations of the world.  The requested consecration was fulfilled 55 years later by Pope John Paul II  (March 25, 1984).

Consequence: One by one the nations behind the Iron Curtain won their freedom, Russia ceased being a Communist nation and is rapidly becoming a defender of Christian values.

Corollary to the Fatima Message, Our Lord appeared to a Polish nun, Sister Faustina, and told her that if Poland was obedient to His will, he would “exalt her might and holiness.”  He also said  that from her would come forth the “spark” that “will prepare the world for My final coming.” In the wake of the papal consecration of Russia,  Poland has valiantly reclaimed its Christian roots and is leading a spirited Christian renewal that has spread to Hungary and through Eastern Europe. It has found its way to Western Europe and is catching fire throughout Latin America

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Fatima Divine Mercy and Catholic Social Renewal

This book is dedicated to the Message of Fatima, to unprecedented developments in Russia, and corollary events occurring in Poland and throughout the world that indicate Russia is being converted as the Mother of God promised at Fatima.

If this is true, a thesis this book sets out to demonstrate, if this is true, then what lays before the Church is a great wave of evangelization accompanied by an unparalleled and copious outpouring of grace. It is a time for cultural, social, political economic, political and, above all, spiritual renewal. It is an extraordinary TIME OF MERCY AND A PROMISED ERA OF PEACE prior to the “Day of Justice” spoken of by Jesus to Saint Mary Faustina:

“Speak to the world about My mercy; let all mankind recognize my unfathomable mercy.  It is a sign of the end times; after it will come the Day of Justice.”[2]

At the beginning of human history God Himself foretold a future time when a mystical “Woman” would crush the head of Satan (Genesis 3:15).  Jesus referred to Mary as “woman” at Cana” and most profoundly, with His dying breath he again called her “Woman”:

“When Jesus saw his mother* and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son” (John 19:26).

The prophecy of Genesis 3:15 is being fulfilled in out time. Find out more about it and most importantly, how you can be involved in the “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart”.



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