Msgr. Phillip Hughes- The Church in Crisis: A History of the Ecumenical Councils

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The renowned Msgr. Phillip Hughes presents an outstanding approach to the development of dogma as well as Catholic and World History. Learn the questions and issues that impacted the Church and shaped world history as seen through the eyes of Her leaders whose mission it was, in every generation, to keep Her growing, to keep her one, holy Catholic and Apostolic, the “pillar and support of the truth” as attested to by sacred scripture (1 Tim 3:15) and as revealed in these precious pages.




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Msgr. Phillip Hughes
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Councils Volume 99

Each of the twenty councils presented in this unique book is an individual reality, with its own special personality.   "It is hardly possible to write the history of these twenty General Councils as though they were sections hewn from the one same log. 

They are not a unity in the sense in which successive sessions of Congress are a unity. This is partly due to the fact that each had its origin in a particular crisis of Church affairs, which are presented with precision and intellectual care while gleaning the infallible teaching of the church so necessary for the modern world.


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