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Theopolitical Insight Necessary to UNDERSTAND THE NEWS

 Access to American Foundations Intelligence Reports 

These Intelligence reports are highly documented and based on primary documents and historical facts.

Dr. Marzak is not basing his research conclusions on specious attempts to articulate the “intent’ of the Framers  No one can be sure of their intent but God and themselves.  This research is therefore based on analysis of the facts – what in fact they wrote, what in fact they said and did.  This hard evidence is reliable. It is on this evidence that it is demonstrated that the American Constitution was engineered by a small group of men who were intent on establishing a “New Order of the Ages” in direct opposition to the Order established by Christ and in direct contradiction of the Divine Law as revealed in both the Old Testament New Testaments

John Haffert’s E-Book: “The World’s Greatest Secret”


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