Saint Joan of Arc

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Explore church politics at its worse: The condemnation of a Saint as a “schismatic”, “heretic” and “apostate”.

Put on trial by the show bishop of Beauvais, denied the Eucharist, pilloried by attorneys, professors, princes and the most learned and powerful men of the realm, young Jeanne d Arc stood her own on her own.  Explore the letters, profuse legal documents, heinous accusations and between the lines adsorb the hatred and cloaked violence that in the end conspired to find the nineteen year old guilty followed by her burning at the stake, 30, May 1431.

Twenty Five years later her case was finally reviewed by Pope Calixtus and Joan was declared a martyr.



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Saint Joan of Arc
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 52

Saint Joan of Arc (1412–1431), “The Maid of Orléans“, was (like the Old Testament heroines, Deborah, Jael, and Judith) called by God to lead her nation against a menacing foe intending to usurp her vacant throne and diminish her ancient faith.  Out of nowhere, a teenage girl of peasant stock was elevated as the rampart of Catholic France against “Reformation” minded England, which appeared to be on the verge of triumph in the latter part of the Hundred Years War. Led ever onward by the inspirational Maid of Orleans, the flower of French chivalry experienced victory after unexpected victory, which resulted in coronation at Reims Cathedral of the dauphin, Charles VII, as King of France. Inspired by Sts. Michael, Margaret and Catherine, Joan lit a holy fire in the hearts of Frenchmen leading to the expulsion of England and the safeguarding of the cultural patrimony of France, a pivotal moment in French and world history.



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