The Federalist Papers

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The Federalist Papers are an invaluable array of political sagacity, an unsurpassed collection  of reasons for the advancement of constitutional law and an attestation to the political prudence possessed by our Founders who gave us a “mixed government”, the generally agreed best structure of government possible.

These papers should be studied and mastered by anyone interested in, or involved with, social, economic, and political renewal because such renewal involves structural adjustments that are congruent with authentic integral development of the human person.




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The Federalist Papers
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 73

The Federalist Papers were written by James Madison (The “Father of the Constitution), Alexander Hamilton and John Jay over a period of 10 months between October 1787 to August 1788.  They were written to involve citizens of the young republic in political discussion intended to promote support for and, ratification of, the new United States Constitution. As such, they are filed with brilliant arguments, trenchant insight and invaluable information relative to the formation of government.

Some of the more important articles include Federalist No. 10 in which Madison presents the idea of the Union as a safeguard against domestic faction and insurrection. In Federalist No. 39 he provides us with one of the most organized and well presented statements about federalism ever coined by a political theorist. Likewise, in Federalist No. 51 he summarizes the main arguments for a system of checks and balances necessary to compensate for the disregarded check of the church on state as was prevalent in Christendom. In Federalist No. 78 Hamilton establishes the concept of “judicial review” In Federalist No. 84 he dispenses with arguments advocating the necessary inclusion of a Bill of Rights.


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