THE GREATEST BOOKS: St Louis de Montfort with Father Ed Roche SOLT

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Course Description: Father Ed Roche SOLT presents this masterful video-series composed of five half hour presentations that take the viewer deeply into de Montfort’s “Secret of the Rosary.” Father Roche begins by discussing Why we should pray the Rosary followed by two presentations on What the Rosary is. He concludes with two more inspired presentations with depth and insight into How to pray the Rosary. Each section is followed by in depth discussions with Dr. David Marzak


Rev. Edward Roche SOLT
Mystical Theologian

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St. Louis Grignon de Montfort’s “Secret of the Rosary”

Father Ed Roche is a missionary priest with the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT); he is a well known disciple of the Virgin Mary and devotee of  Her rosary and brown scapular. Father Roche has spent the past nine years in the “shoot out zone” of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, where drug cartelists have been killing people, even attempting his life at least once.

Father Ed is a mystical theologian whose devotion to Rosa Mystica, and all the members of the Body of Christ, is expressed at his website “Maria Rosa Mystica”.


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