The Rule of Saint Benedict

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An Acclaimed Cultural and Spiritual Treasure

Wisdom and love united in law for the right ordering of human life. 

St. Benedict provides a must read for anyone interested in modern Christian individual and social renewal, the New Evangelization, which includes Catholic Social Doctrine as an “integral dimension”.

Learn from the Patriarch of Christendom how to organize and order social life with a view toward justice in a spirit of charity and common sense for the good of all.



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The Rule of Saint Benedict
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 35

Saint Benedict of Nursia
(480 – 547) is the “Father of Western Europe” because he is the “Father of Western Communal Monasticism”.  Benedict founded 12 communities of work and prayer (ora et labora) that he ruled by a prudent and well balanced Christian Law aimed at human perfection in the context of a just society enlightened by charity, which is the Law of Christ he prescribed for his monks.

Benedictine monasteries functioned as centers of learning and of Christian culture, which spread throughout Europe contributing to the establishment of Christian Common law centuries before Alfred and Charles the Great would make their enduring contributions in the 8th and 9th centuries.


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