OVER FOUR YEARS AGO TERRORISTS FORCES backed by Saudi dollars and Western military assistance overran the free city of Aleppo and turned it into a prison camp for previously free Syrian citizens. Four years later, on December 12, 2016, the Syrian Army backed by Russian air assistance officially declared victory over the terrorists in the battle to free Aleppo.

Despite the fact that Syria is a sovereign nation, a sovereign nation having the right to fight terrorists who are threatening its existence, the western press is painting the fall of Allepo and the defeat of terrorists as a bad thing.  Not only is it a bad thing, Assad is, we are told, a butcher hated by his people.

Senator John MaCain, the neo-con war hawk,  wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

“Assad is perpetuating the wanton slaughter of innocent Syrians.”

“When Mr. Assad, Mr. Putin and their allies have slaughtered all that stand in their way, they will proclaim peace in the bloody sands of the Syrian desert.”

If you happen to follow the Wall Street Journal links, please browse the comments; basically even conservative readers of the Journal have had enough of this bravado and verbiage.

Similarly, in a New York Times article entitled: “Assad the Butcher” it is stated:

“With every new atrocity, calls for military action grow…The best hope of avoiding that is for.. Russia, China and Iran to stop enabling Mr. Assad’s savagery.”

Like wise, the New Yorker opines:

“The commission’s work (Commission established by UN to investigate human-rights abuses) recently culminated in a four-hundred-page legal brief that links the systematic torture and murder of tens of thousands of Syrians to a written policy approved by President Bashar al-Assad, coördinated among his security-intelligence agencies, and implemented by regime operatives, who reported the successes of their campaign to their superiors in Damascus.”

Here is another perspective on the news given by a Canadian Journalist, Eva Bartlett, which seems to make more sense:



As reported previously, the McCain war-hawk line of approach does not make much sense and can be dismissed as war-propaganda.

“If there was a civil war in Syria, a civil war supported and backed by the United States and a coalition of over fifty nations including the citizens and dissatisfied elements of the Syrian armed forces in addition to an overwhelmingly large cadre of rebels imported from throughout the Middle East, all against Assad, Assad should have been overthrown a long time ago. Yet, after five years he is still president and growing stronger. Given more than ample opportunity and plenty of time, the Syrian people have not risen up in revolt against their president. Instead, they are being held captive by terrorists supported by the United States, and Assad is increasingly seen by the Syrian people as their champion; he is the one who is freeing them from the stranglehold of the terrorists in such places as Aleppo.  Consequently, against all odds and predictions, Assad has the growing support of the Syrian Army, which is ridding the country of foreign sponsored terrorism.”

Aleppo, the industrial center of Syria and its second largest city, is in near ruins. Nonetheless, the ouster of terrorists by the Syrian army marks a decisive milestone in the war to free Syria from ISIL-ISIS, Al Nusra, and Daesh who also occupy other cites such as Idlib and Palmyra.  This is a moment of jubilation for Syrian citizens, a breath of fresh air, and a confidence builder in their fight against terrorism as revealed in the following three short videos. The citizens of Syria back Assad and are cheering for the Syrian army, not against it; these are events not reported by leading media outlets in the West that are committed to ongoing neo-conservative neo-liberal propaganda.




Given the likelihood that Syrian forces will quickly move to expel the terrorists from other strongholds, President Obama is not cheering, instead, as soon as it became clear that Aleppo would fall, he lifted a previous ban on arm supplies giving the green light for immediate arms shipments to the rebels. Moreover, in 2013 President Obama vowed that he would not put American boots on Syrian ground. Nonetheless, two days before Aleppo fell, when it was imminently clear that the rebel stronghold was about to capitulate, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that the United States is sending 200 additional military personnel to Syria to help defeat ISIL and drive it from its command post in Raqqa.  According to Carter:

“These uniquely skilled operators will join the 300 US special operations forces already in Syria, to continue organizing, training, equipping, and otherwise enabling capable, motivated, local forces to take the fight to ISIL” (NBC News)

NBC News also reports that

“The extra troops will include special operations forces … to recruit, organize, train and advise local Syrian forces to combat ISIS, also known as Islamic State or ISIL.”

Interestingly, “local forces” just assisted the Syrian army to defeat ISIS in Aleppo.  Apparently, someone is not telling the truth here. If what Carter is saying is true, it should be welcome news to the Syrians who have the same goal: to defeat ISIS-ISIL. However, President Assad is sure of the opposite; viz., that the US intends to help the rebels in Raqqa against the advancing Syrian army. According to Assad:

“The question is to whom those armaments are going to? In the hands of whom? In the hands of ISIS and al-Nusra, and there’s coordination between ISIS and al-Nusra. So, the announcement of this lifting of that embargo is related directly to the attack on Palmyra and to the support of other terrorists outside Aleppo, because when they are defeated in Aleppo, the United States and the West, they need to support their proxies somewhere else, because they don’t have any interest in solving the conflict in Syria.”

 According to the Syrian Foreign Ministry:

“The lifting of the ban on arms supplies to Syria by US President Barack Obama is another evidence of Washington’s continuing support for terrorism.”


“The United States has provided a new evidence of its notorious role in support for terrorism in Syria by taking the decision to lift the ban on supplying arms to terrorist groups.”

Given the deployment of additional ground troops and an major influx of additional new weaponry, it might be expected that the Syrian Army would now move with earnest rapidity while there is mass confusion on the terrorist side, as new recruits flood their cities and arms flooding in from various directions. The terrorists are in disarray and any attempt to establish central commands in these other locations will necessarily involve days and even weeks of confusion. Consequently, a rapid Syrian advance is likely in areas including Palmyra, Idlib and Raqqa.

Nonetheless, it appears that this might not occur. Speaking at an OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) meeting in Hamburg, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov stated:

“The decision to ease restrictions on military aid for foreign forces and other fighters supporting the US in Syria is unlikely to affect the situation in eastern Aleppo. Moscow is looking for a solution that involves as few casualties as possible.”


“I think everyone understands that the militants in east Aleppo are agonizing. We don’t want to support those who would gladly finish off those militants at any cost without any talks. We are ready to solve these problems in a way that would spare us additional casualties and destruction.”

Because, at this point, (following the fall of Aleppo and on-going weakening of the rebels) it would require an all out ground assault by American and coalition forces to topple Assad; it is likely that all sides will come to the negotiating table as Lavrov has indicated.  However, since the decision belongs to Assad, and not to Russia, the question remains in the air. Assad has made this much clear. In an interview with RT he stated:

Russia never – these days, I mean, during this war, before that war, during the Soviet Union – never tried to interfere in our decision. Whenever they had opinion or advice, doesn’t matter how we can look at it, they say at the end “this is your country, you know what the best decision you want to take; this is how we see it, but if you see it in a different way, you know, you are the Syrian.” They are realistic, and they respect our sovereignty, and they always defend the sovereignty that’s based on the international law and the Charter of the United Nations. So, it never happened that they made any pressure, and they will never do it. This is not their methodology.”

Clearly, the matter is in the hands of Assad.  Today, we will give him the final word on this topic. In his interview with RT he opined:

“The mainstream media with their fellow politicians, they are suffering during the last few decades from moral decay. So, they have no morals. Whatever they talk about, whatever they mention or they use as mask, human rights, civilians, children; they use all these just for their own political agenda in order to provoke the feelings of their public opinion to support them in their intervention in this region, whether militarily or politically. So, they don’t have any credibility regarding this. If you want to look at what’s happening in the United States is rebellion against the mainstream media, because they’ve been lying and they kept lying on their audiences….That’s why I don’t think the mainstream media could sell their stories anymore and that’s why they are fighting for their existence in the West, although they have huge experience and huge support and money and resources, but they don’t have something very important for them to survive, which is credibility. They don’t have it, they lost it. They don’t have transparency, that’s why they don’t have credibility.”