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RUSSIA’S ENTRY INTO THE SYRIAN conflict turned the tide in favor of Bashar al Assad.  Syrian government forces backed by Russian air power and joined by allied forces from Iraq (as well as Iran and Lebanon) have resulted in the near final defeat of ISIS in Syria.  Following the route of Terrorist forces in Bukamal (an East Syrian city situated on the Euphrates River in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate just over the border from Iraq), only a few isolated terrorist forces remain in Idlib Province and in small numbers scattered elsewhere waiting to be mopped up. As reported on October 11

“As a consequence of Russia’s decisive involvement, the six year war and propaganda effort waged by the United States and allied nations has failed; the war in Syria is basically over.”

New Era was not the only news and intelligence agency forecasting an end to the war in Syria, most analysts have been forecasting an end for months, an end contrary to that desired by war hawks in the United States who bragged the US is: “The best military in the world” a military that can beat any “two bit terrorist organization” and as such will smash Assad, remove this “butcher” from power and “bring Vladimir Putin (like a dog) to heel”.

Audio of Warhawk Senator John McCain on Syria: (See 2:20 – 3:00  and  4:04 – 4:21) – How Far are the Hawks from Reality?

Now, with a Syrian victory at hand, it appears as though Assad will remain in power and the people of Syria will exercise their democratic rights to determine who their future leader will be by recourse to a national election.

Near conclusive as this end might be, it does not sit well with conservative and liberal war hawks in American government representing the interests of the American military establishment. They are now joining in chorus to tell the public that Assaad is incapable of winning the war due to massive casualties suffered by his military exacerbated by extensive damage to the country’s vital infrastructure.

According to the Washington Post

“The government of Bashar al-Assad, lacking manpower, reliant on allies and almost broke, is no longer capable of a military win in Syria’s civil war, U.S. officials said Monday, pushing back against Russian and Syrian assertions that victory is only a matter of time.”

Warlords in the Trump administration seem to think that Assad’s military has withered and that the war fought in his favor was due to allied forces from Iraq, Iran and Lebanon that might no longer be interested:

“When we look at what it would take to make a victor’s peace sustainable in any country, the Syrian regime does not have it…They’re not wealthy, they’re not rich in manpower, they’re not rich in other capabilities, and the grievances, if anything, are sharper now than they were at the beginning of this conflict.”

US hawks are making this the new pillar of justification for ongoing involvement, the reason for maintaining troops and weapons in Syria despite overt formal requests made by the Syrian government for them to leave.

The US-Jewish neo liberal military-economic-financial alliance is uncomfortable with the new geopolitical landscape inadvertently created by US foreign policy initiatives in the Middle East: With Assad in control of Syria buttressed by an ongoing alliance with Lebanon (and a new alliance with both Iraq and Iran), an Iranian land bridge has been created stretching from Persia to the disputed Golan Heights on the Israeli border. To make matters worse, the US has alienated Turkey by supporting the Kurds (whom the Turks consider terrorists) in Northern Syria and Iraq.  Thus, any future scenario pits the United States, Israel and terrorist  Kingpin Saudi Arabia against Russia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and probably Turkey which has worked with Russia and Iran as a peace broker in the region along with China whose interest in the conflict has peaked due to massive economic outlays planned and already implemented in Syria (2 billion dollars planned) and the broader Levant and Middle East.

As noted by the Asian Times;

“Few remember that before the war China had already invested tens of billions of US dollars in Syria’s oil and gas industry. Naturally the priority for Damascus, once the war is over, will be massive reconstruction of widely destroyed infrastructure. China could be part of that via the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank). Then comes investment in agriculture, industry and connectivity – transportation corridors in the Levant and connecting Syria to Iraq and Iran (other two Obor hubs).”


“What matters most of all is that Beijing has already taken the crucial step of being directly involved in the final settlement of the Syrian war – geopolitically and geo-economically. Beijing has had a special representative for Syria since last year – and has already been providing humanitarian aid”

Given the unexpected input from Russia and China and the alliance between Iran and Iraq as well as the movement of Turkey away from the UN and toward Russia-China, the political and military situation in the Middle East and around the globe has outgrown the ability of the United States to respond effectively.  The US is beset with problems in Latin America, North Korea, South Asia and elsewhere.  US troops remaining in Syria are vulnerable because they are interpreted by indigenous forces as a destabilizing factor that has been overcome but refuses to leave.

The real problem for the US in the region is the ongoing request for continued support from the Zionist State of Israel against an emergent Iran, its significantly strengthened nemesis now cooperating with both Iraq and Turkey (as well as Russia and Lebanon) due to American and NATO foreign policy blunders. As noted by Newsweek

“Moscow’s entrance to the conflict, along with growing jihadist influence among rebel groups, forced the U.S. to realign its position and settle on a new, informal goal: stopping Iran. The U.S., now led by maverick President Donald Trump, suspects Iran is seeking to establish a long-term foothold to build an international corridor of influence stretching from Tehran to Beirut and Washington is struggling to stop it.”

As regards the Middle East, the real challenge for the Unites States is the structure of its international relations with Israel.  Will America remain the guarantor of Zionist expansionist ambitions, disregard the two state solution favored by the United Nations, the Vatican and an increasing array of other nations as well as a growing number of supporters within the United States in opposition to the pro-Zionist forces governing Israel or will it continue to support destabilizing voices coming forth from the Knesset who claim that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem, a diplomatic reality shunned even by the Vatican, which supports the right of the Palestinian people to their own homeland?

As noted by the Guardian

“Israel’s mutant version of Jerusalem is far larger than any historical iteration of the city. It contains Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps, as well as Israeli settlements….Jerusalem is not divided, impoverished and ungoverned because international law makes it so: it is a situation that flows from the territorial ambitions unleashed by war. Successive Israeli governments have been unable to cope with problems they have created, and lacked the political will to make a peace that will see Palestinians controlling their own lives. Rather than honestly own the situation, Israel’s leaders have tried to muddy the legal framework that defines the state of the city.”

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will most likely be the most egregious mistake in tune with a long series of recent foreign policy blunders that have eroded peace, destabilized the region and worked satisfactorily to the Zionists, but to the detriment of everyone else in the region (except perhaps Saudi Arabia, who like Israel wants Iran neutered). According to the Palestinian Authority, if President Trump signs an act recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel:

“It will derail the last hope of peace,  and degrade US influence in the world, as countries including Turkey have warned…. Recognising Israel’s current version of Jerusalem would create enormous and new insoluble problems without addressing the real issues that beset the city.”

Thus, even the Times of Israel reports:

“Trump is eager to broker an Israeli-Palestinian final-status deal, and he knows that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital could be “the kiss of death” to the peace process, as Palestinian officials have warned.”

The PLO continues to that Israel should withdraw from Palestinian territories seized during the 1967 Six-Day War, after which Israel proclaimed ownership of East Jerusalem. Then in 1980, Jewish authorities declared that the entire city of Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.  This declaration however, went unrecognized by the Vatican, the United States, Russia and by a majority of UN states and other international organizations.

Perhaps the United States should be a little humble and take a lesson from Russia, which in April, 2017, compromised by not recognizing all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but only its Western part? The Russian maneuver leaves intact significant ground for diplomatic wiggle room. By recognizing only the Western part of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Russia seems to have denied Israel’s claims to the Eastern part, including the Old City, which Jewish forces captured in 1967 and subsequently effectively annexed.

Russia’s statement, specifically said that Moscow views

“East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state.”

If he wants to avoid angering and further destabilizing the Arab world and hopes to keep alive his dream of brokering the “ultimate” Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, “Trump could choose a similar formulation.”

Will President Trump join hands with President Putin to broker peace in the Middle East or continue committing the US to  an increasingly inept foreign policy hinged on support of Zionist expansion to the detriment of the Palestinians and other Secular states and Islamic government in the Middle East?  New Era continues to forecast that Mr. Trump will choose the path of peace?

If not, the US will continue committing one foreign policy embarrassment after another, in this case losing Turkey as a long standing ally, an ally that we have already pushed into the Russian camp by supporting the Kurds and now risk pushing even further over the the broader issue of Jerusalem. The President of Turkey,  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recently indicated what recognizing Jerusalem would do to US relations with Turkey. According to Fox News:

“Erdogan, while speaking to Parliament, said such a step by President Trump would force Turkey to cut off all diplomatic ties with Israel. He pledged to rally other Muslim countries to oppose any move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

Likewise, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, a coalition of Muslim countries, stated that “the move would constitute ‘naked aggression’ against the Arab and Muslim world.”

Perhaps the Muslims and emerging Christian and popularity forces in Europe are correct, NeoLiberalism is an Emperor with no Clothes.  It is time for America to put its moral cloak back on and to help lead the peace process in accord with the peace promise made by Our Lady Fatima, a promise that President Trump seems mystically aware of: