NORMALLY A LAME DUCK PRESIDENT such as Barack Obama holds the ship of state steady for the short two months that the country transitions to its newly elected leadership team.

The times however, are anything but “normal”. The writing is on the wall as liberalism continues its collapse around the globe and President-Elect Donald Trump names his pro-Christian, anti-liberal, Make America Great Again Team. Liberal ideologues and their neocon cohorts are in panic mode. In addition to pro-Christian and anti-liberal players such as Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, Trump has also named pro-Christian and ant-liberal Betsy Devoss to be his Secretary of Education. According to the Zionist daily “Forward“, Ross is a real threat to the liberal establishment:

“DeVos is not merely a conservative and a Republican Party activist; she is one of the country’s most powerful advocates for ending public education entirely and replacing it with religious schools, for-profit charter schools and home schooling. Her foundation is widely credited as the primary engine behind the so-called “school choice” movement, which has led to the establishment of voucher programs in 13 states since 2000.”

According to Forward

“DeVos isn’t just the fox in charge of the henhouse — she’s the shochet, the slaughterer.”

With a line up like this taking shape, liberal globalists are attempting to rise to the challenge before it becomes a “disastrous reality”. The lame-duck president and congress are facing perhaps their biggest challenge in Syria where the tide has also turned against them and against their Zionist controlled ally, Israel.

Due to (1) the unexpected success of Syrian government forces (backed by Russian air support) pitted against US backed Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and Daesh rebel forces and further, due to (2) President-Elect Trump’s intention to ally with Syrian and Russian military forces to eradicate the rebels, US foreign policy in the Middle East is about to suffer a severe setback. Trump has spoken against a US foreign policy built around regime change, implicitly, Syrian regime change. Consequently, despite the fact that the United States is in a lame duck transition period, a significant liberal offensive backed by the Obama administration and war-hawks in Congress is predictable.  Either they act now by risking war with Russia or accept the reality of defeat not only in Syria, but throughout the entire Middle East along with the global collapse of their liberal agenda.

Given these realities and eventualities, the US Congress is carefully considering imposing a no-fly zone on Syria to protect its rebel backed forces in order to turn the tide against the Syrian government, headed by Bashar al Assad, which is winning the war in Syria. Unfortunately, the imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria requires the consent of the sovereign government of Syria.

Since a US imposed no-fly zone presumably intends to ground Russian planes, it runs contrary to Syrian objectives to defeat the US backed terrorist forces whom the Syrians are battling with Russian air assistance. Consequently, the Syrian government is highly unlikely to give the US permission; moreover, it has already given permission to the Russian air-force to carry out operations within its airspace.

The imposition of a no-fly zone without the consent of the Syrian government would be a violation of international law and an implicit act of war against Russia and Syria. The United States is unlikely to circumvent this unfavorable political reality by appealing to the United Nations (UN) since any UN resolution giving consent to a no-fly zone would, most likely, be vetoed in the Security Council by Russia and presumably China as well.

Nonetheless, the United States  Congress is considering a bill to make a unilateral  solution possible.  Following the Trump victory on November 8, the soon to be replaced congress met in a special session to draft Resolution 5732, the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, which directs military personnel to assess the implementation of a no-fly zone as well as to escalate procedures to facilitate prosecution of Syrian leaders for alleged war crimes. The bill passed the House on November 15, and has been forwarded to the Senate for their approval.

Although Newera Intelligence doubts that there will be escalation between the US and nuclear armed Russia, nothing will stop the neoliberals/neocons from trying.  From the Newera perspective, the bill will either stall in the senate or, if passed, the US  will not be able to impose a no fly zone. Surprising as it might seem, it appears that the Russians possess technological superiority, a supposed superiority that will be tested if Resolution 5732 comes to pass. Syria possesses a Russian antiaircraft system; Russian ships, headed by the Admiral Kuznetsov, are stationed in the Mediterranean near the Syrian coast and Russian aircraft are battle ready in Syria and elsewhere in the region.

According to retired Army Major General Robert Scales:

Over the past two decades, the Russians have gotten a technological jump on us… Russian tactical drones, which spot for artillery, are far superior (and far more numerous) than ours. In 2014, when the Battle of Debaltseve began, the Ukrainians reported that as many as eight Russian tactical drones orbited over their heads at any one time.”


“Additionally, the electronic warfare technology demonstrated by the Russians in Ukraine is the best in the world, far better than ours. During the 240-day siege of the Donetsk airport, the Russians were able to jam GPS, radios and radar signals. Their electronic intercept capabilities were so good that the Ukrainians’ communications were crippled. Ukrainian commanders complained that a punishing barrage would follow any radio transmission within seconds” (Washington Post).

If the neocons were going to have a war with Russia, it should have happened fifteen years ago when the opportunity for success was extremely high; things are much different around the globe NOW.

But, in the eventuality that the neocon and neoliberal war-hawks do succeed in desperation to rescue their global agenda by igniting a war with Russia over Syria, controlling the airspace over Syria will not be an easy task, and it is not a non-violent solution. It would involve ground troops.

According to the New York Times (2102), General Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, informed President Obama that it would require approximately “70,000” military personnel to impose a no-fly zone over Syria – imposing a no-fly zone is not an facile maneuver. General Carter Ham who oversaw the Libyan air assault in 2011 told  CBS News that imposing a no-fly zone over Syria

“…entails killing a lot of people and destroying the Syrian air defenses and those people who are manning those systems. And then it entails destroying the Syrian air force, preferably on the ground, in the air if necessary. This is a violent combat action that results in lots of casualties and increased risk to our own personnel.”

The fact that the US Congress would even consider such an act and at such a time (lame duck period) indicates extreme desperation in the liberal camp.

Why is This happening?

Quite simply, the neoliberal initiative to overthrow the Syrian government is about to fail, the numbers of jihadists is shrinking, global sentiment is increasingly opposed to liberalism, and President-Elect Trump has spoken against regime change and indicated he would work with the Russians to eradicate terrorism while working toward world peace and the end of globalism. For those steeped in liberalism, although they speak much of world peace etc., this type of language is not palatable.  Quite simply, neocons and neoliberals are frantic.

Neocon statesmen and their neoliberal allies who think it is their sacred duty to defend Zionism and Israel, who esteem the terrorist nation of Saudi Arabia as a key ally, and who continue to dream of an American Empire and the spreading of liberal democracy around the globe, cannot stomach a loss in Syria.  Syria is a key element in their long sought goal of global cultural conquest spearheaded by Liberalism and Zionism.

Syria shares a hostile border with Israel and is in a war with Israel over the Golan Heights; Syria is also an ally of Iran and of Russia whom the neocons, claim are the sponsors of terrorism and the major obstacles in way of their global agenda.

Because Syria refused Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s (2010) demand to sever ties with both Hezbollah and Iran and to also accept peace with Israel, Syria became the target of liberal aggression.

Thereafter, the United States and Israel worked together along with Saudi Arabia to engineer a terrorist campaign against the Syrian government. Israel admits its complicity (along with the US and Saudi Arabia) in aiding and abetting the jihadists currently in Syria (and elsewhere):

Michael Oren, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States,  explained in an interview with the Jerusalem Post:

“The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”


“The greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc.”

Consequently, it is imperative that Syria be defeated – she is an ontological threat to Zionism and the global liberal agenda. If Syria prevails, the Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese alliance will be cemented and the oil corridor from Persia to the Mediterranean will be complete; Saudi Arabia, the bastion of global terrorism, will be checked; Turkey will have to rethink its NATO alliance; Syrian and Iraqi oil will be protected from Western multinationals; most importantly, the Zionist leadership of Israel will suffer an existential threat and the spread of global liberalism will halt in the Middle East making it amenable to peace negotiations with Europe and Russia.

Clearly, according to the lame duck liberals, this s**t has got to stop!