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THE WORLD AND THE CHURCH have both lived through and barely survived a calamitous twentieth century, a century often referred to as “A Century of Martyrs”, a century in which the Church experienced the largest and most heinous onslaught in the history of humanity, a century characterized by world wars, apostasy, persecution of the good, and global chastisement as foretold by Our Lady of Fatima.  Father John Hardon lamented the colossal blood-soaked global chastisement of the 20th century:

“On the bloody side, our century has had more Christians who were martyred for Christ than in all the centuries from Calvary to nineteen hundred included.”

Pope John Paul II also recognized the fury unleashed against the Church in the 20th century:

“In our own century the martyrs have returned….The Church has once again become a Church of martyrs. The persecutions of believers —priests, religious and laity—has caused a great sowing of martyrdom in different parts of the world” (Tertio Millennio-Adveniente).

The scope of 20th Century Christian Martyrdom, was so broad that it moved Pope John Paul II to devote more ink to the topic than any other pope in human history:

Never in the history of the papacy has any Bishop of Rome written at greater length about martyrdom than Pope John Paul II.”

Fortunately, this century, this abominable century, has ended, but few seem to have taken notice of the global improvement; they are too focused on the sea of evils that the media place before them on a daily basis in order to perpetrate a nefarious deception, a deception intended to keep them from knowing the truth, keep them from realizing that Communism is dying, Russia is being converted and that we are headed for an “Era of Peace” as promised by the Mother of God at Fatima.  The media is engaged in a collusion of silence and a distortion of the truth about Russia. Russia’s ongoing conversion must be distorted because it is related to the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope John Paul II and the subsequent Triumph promised by the Virgin Mary at Fatima.

When Sister Lucia asked Our Lord why the Holy Father had to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart, why He, as King of Kings and High Priest, could not forego the papal consecration and convert Russia without the input of a pope?  Jesus responded that it is His will that His entire Church attribute the conversion of Russia to His Mother’s Immaculate Heart so that the Church would thereafter raise devotion to Her Immaculate Heart next to devotion to His Sacred Heart.  In His own words, Jesus told Lucia:

“I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration (of Russia) as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that it may extend its cult later on, and put this devotion beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.”

Jesus, in obedience to the fourth commandment, wants His Mother honored – He wants her honored because He loves her. It is she who gave Him His Body, the Body that died and rose from the dead, the Body that is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and the New Israel, the Church. Thus, as Mother of His Body; she is the Mother of all the faithful, who in accordance with scripture, shall call her blessed forever. Since all prophetic scriptures are to be fulfilled, “all generations” (even this perverse generation), will call her blessed (Luke 1:48). To help assure the fulfillment of Luke 1:48 in this generation, Jesus wished to stress the intimate connection linking the conversion of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. He wants His entire Church to recognize that the conversion of Russia is the direct result of the consecration to her Heart, thereby motivating the Church to elevate devotion to this Heart by placing it along side of His own.

Because the Consecration of Russia is associated with the victory of Mary’s Immaculate Heart and Russia’s conversion as foretold at Fatima, because of this, Russia must be vilified, the truth about its conversion must be distorted and twisted to hide the fact that Russia, rather than helping advance global liberalism, is in fact now opposing the hegemony of the globalists. RUSSIA’S CONVERSION, THE PAPAL CONSECRATION, AND THE VICTORY OF THE IMMACULATE HEART ARE INTIMATELY CONNECTED; therefore, all hell is opposed to the truth about the papal consecration and subsequent events that are occurring in Russia.  In this regard, renowned media professor Marshall McLuhan wrote:

“The modern media are engaged in Luciferian conspiracy against the truth.”

Lucifer is at perpetual war with the Virgin Mary (Gen 3:15; Rev 12: 13-15). It thus behooves him to sequester, camouflage, pervert and disguise knowledge about Russia’s conversion, to dissociate that country’s conversion from the Immaculate Heart.  His cohorts therefore distort information about the consecration and about change underway in Russia and throughout the world, change that clearly indicates that the triumph she promised is occurring.  Her triumph and the promised conversion of Russia must be kept hidden from all the world. The legions of hell and their adepts are ceaselessly working through such clandestine apparatus as fake news, staged political events, false apparitions and diabolical chicanery to obfuscate and confuse all mankind in order to railroad or steal the promised Era of Peace. Father John Hardon elucidating McLuhan’s meaning stated:

“Millions of words are published every day and heard over the radio and television. Consciously and deliberately, much of this written and spoken communication is not true. It is estimated that ninety percent of the books borrowed from American libraries are fiction. Whole nations are living in a dream world created by the media, and the dreams are scientifically calculated to keep the human mind from contact with reality.”

Father Hardon wrote the above before the turn of the last century, what would he say today? If the diablerie of the past century are allowed to slip from memory, it is easy to fall prey to the deceptive propaganda coming forth from legions intent on spreading their confusing message, intent on keeping men and women oblivious to what is really going on. These legions, capitalizing on manufactured ignorance and historical amnesia, would have everyone believe that Russia is still a furtive communist nemesis playing possum, a feigned sleep from which it will awake to devour the world in an onslaught of evil militarism. In the near future, Russia will be at the forefront of a colossal chastisement, which, they would have us believe, is looming on the horizon.  Media allies in the Catholic Press and supposed advocates of Fatima are seemingly working hand in hand with the purveyors of “fake news” to advance the theme of an heretical pope and a great chastisement led by Russia and the monster Vladimir Putin;  they are doing this to misrepresent and steal the Era of Peace and advance their long planned eschatological scenario in its stead. But, no matter how hard they try, they cannot alter the historical facts; they cannot pawn of past events as future events.

In truth, we have just lived through a chastisement led by Russia, a chastisement unparalleled in the annals of human history, a chastisement that has abated with the Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope John Paul II (March 25, 1984). In truth, in the wake of this consecration, we are rapidly heading toward an Era of Peace.  We are heading toward an Era of Peace, but the doomsayers are still focusing on chastisement despite the fact that we just lived through a hundred years of living hell, a hell which they would like us to forget so that they can advance their idea that a false pope (if you follow this or any of the following links please exercise caution, the articles are loaded with distortions – see if you can find some of them) and accompanying chastisement are imminent. These so-called pundits claim that a false-church is rising around Pope Francis, when in fact, they themselves, are most likely the false church, the false church that they surreptitiously warn everyone against – the accuser is usually a crafty liar, a liar guilty of the things he falsely accuses others of (Rev 12:10John 8:44).

Pope John Paul II, a pope who knew Mary’s promise was contingent upon the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, this pope of the 20th century did NOT think that a chastisement was imminent. Rather, filled with a deep understanding and experience of the horrors of the bygone 20th century, this pope consecrated the World to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as she had requested and afterward stated:

After purification through trial and suffering (inflicted by atheistic communism), the dawn of a new era is about to break.  (POPE ST. JOHN PAUL II, General Audience, September 10, 2003).

In other words, the world had already passed through the chastisement spoken of by Our Lady at Fatima. As a Son of Poland, Saint John Paul had imbibed the words of his mentor Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski who often told him:

“Victory when it comes, will be a victory of the Most Blessed Mother”.

Like Wyszynski, Wojtyla had suffered through the pogrom, the great chastisement of Communism linked to the 20th century.  He lived to see the Red Flag come down from the Kremlin, he lived to see the rebirth of Christianity in Poland (video below) and in Russia as well, he lived to see the beginnings of a rebirth that foreshadows the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, a rebirth associated with the conversion of Russia and the defeat of liberalism that is underway worldwide.  This is a rebirth that the global media is straining all its might to suppress. A chastisement is not imminent; the chastisement foretold at Fatima has already been lived through; it has ended as Our Lady promised with the consecration of Russia. The horrors we are currently witnessing are the frantic outcries of the dying breath of liberalism, a mad dog penned up against the wall and frothing at its mouth – angry and dangerous, but nearing defeat.



The consecration was repeated in churches throughout Poland. The people united under the leadership of the Polish episcopate, statesmen and military raised their voices :

“Immortal King of Ages Lord Jesus Christ, we Poles stand before you to acknowledge your reign, surrender to your law, and entrust our homeland and the whole nation to you.”


“Humbly bowing our heads before you, King of the Universe, we acknowledge your dominion over the Polish nation, those living in the homeland and throughout the world. Wishing to worship the majesty of Thy power and glory, with great faith and love, we cry out: Rule us, Christ!”

Instead of celebrating this manifest victory over communism and the return of Russia to its Christian roots,  the global press is trying to divide classes and races, trying to create conflict in (1) hopes of advancing their dying dream of one world liberal culture, (2) to hide the truth about Russia and (3) to hinder reconciliation and cooperation resulting in peace; when men and women stop fighting each other and join hands, there is greater likelihood that they will realize who the enemy really is.

Karl Marx and a generation of social scientists trained in the conflict school of social progress are masters of divisive politics, masters of confusion, masters of creating a smoke screen for their paymasters to hide behind while advancing their pernicious global agenda.  Thus, hired press agents have the world focused on manufactured protests between liberals and conservatives, on divisive racial imbroglios and the evils of terrorism while their overlords endeavor to advance a now failing game plan, a plan that includes at times real, but often manufactured, conflict to advance their agenda and to make it appear as if all hell is breaking loose and a chastisement is imminent, when in fact a chastisement has just ended and its remnants are fading while its purveyors spend billions to try and keep their plan of global conquest afloat. Liberalism is falling apart, Christianity is being reborn in Russia and around the globe, but we must believe that a chastisement lies in front of us.  Because Russia and Putin have become a threat to liberal globalism, they must be portrayed as a growing menace.  The truth is Russia is becoming Christian and opposing the liberal world agenda but we must believe that they are part of a plan to control the world devised by those who actually imposing  a dehumanizing global hegemony.



The conflict currently underway, the conflict daily portrayed in the media, is best understood as the beating back of the still significant forces of liberalism, forces that are straining to unleash all their fury in hopes of holding onto a world rapidly fading from their grip, but we are to believe that they are signs of a looming great chastisement, when in fact the chastisement is behind us.

Whole nations were annihilated by communist armies and we are to believe that liberal “snow flakes” blocking traffic are somehow a great threat? They are a threat, but a manageable threat, a threat that backfires and raises ire against them with their every epicene performance. The 20th century was plagued by two World Wars followed by other atrocious wars fought all over the globe, wars accompanied by gruesome tortures, death camps and gulags where priests and nuns were brutalized along with innocent women and children, churches desecrated by the tens of thousands, nuclear holocaust at the door and we are to think that a cohort of paid for terrorists, poverty stricken men without a country, men driving jeeps paid for by American and Saudi dollars equipped with nothing but machine guns and IEDs, we are to believe that such feeble forces are somehow a match for the world’s superpowers, somehow equal to or greater than the evils of Communism. The threat of terrorism is minimal compared to the atrocities of Communism, which was a real chastisement, not a manufactured one

A review of the Twentieth Century would be a good anecdote to the manufactured false consciousness resulting from false news narratives, which are both indicative signs of the times.