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OVER THE WEEKEND NEWERA provided an abstract containing a conclusion and forecast relative to the Intelligence leak, the release of Secretary of National Security Flynn and the Trump request that Putin return Crimea to the Ukraine.

CONCLUSION: President Trump’s actions can be understood as a practical rational response to internal pressures arising from the so-called “deep government The real issue here is whether or not Mr. Trump is up to a life and death struggle with the so-called “deep government” to reclaim America for all Americans thereby making  “America Great Again.”

FORECAST: Despite the monumental bulwark known as the “deep government’, the United States and Russia will continue down a path of rapprochement but not without significant interference, which can be expected from all ends of the political and social-cultural spectrum. Constant, well orchestrated, and confusing series of events can be expected as agents from both the left and right proceed to push confrontation with Russia to a boiling point. Nonetheless, in the long run, the shadow government will fail as it has consistently failed and been out maneuvered in its foreign policy initiatives for the past decade – we have no discernible reason to believe that this chain of events will cease unfolding. The shadow-government is being opposed by more than Mr. Trump. The real question is what will Mr. Trump do? Will he continue down the road of his immediate predecessors, or be bold enough to set America on a new course?


What is Going ON?

The leak of information to the press, the resignation of Secretary Flynn, and the strange request for the return of Crimean to the Ukraine represent a peculiar set of inter-related phenomena germane to American-Russian foreign relations. The return of Crimea is clearly a Russian issue, an issue that appears to engender conflict and create distance between the United States and Russia. Likewise, the intelligence leak and removal of Flynn are also “Russian issues.” Of all of Mr. Trump’ recent appointees, Flynn was the most adamant about a reset with Russia involving cooperation in the battle against ISIS, the lifting or amendment of sanctions, and an emphasis on the sovereignty of nations.

These three objectives stand in stark contrast to the globalist agenda that is being challenged by various nations esp. nation’s throughout Europe. This emerging challenge to globalism involves advocacy, protection, and promotion of the sovereign rights of individual nation states, the conservation of diverse cultural patrimonies and the safe-guarding of Christians and traditional Christian values all of which are supported by Russia and a widening array of “populist parties” spread throughout Europe. They are however, anathema to the EU and American New World Order Globalists who are involved in a decades long process of using foreign aid, the power of multi-media, education, and when necessary, military force, to advance and export Western culture and liberal values to third world nations thereby promoting a one world culture antithetical to indigenous cultures and traditional family-oriented and Christian values.

Given this clash between the global agenda and the Kremlin, anything or any person favorable to American-Russian cooperation and a cooperative war against terrorism (what Trump referred to as “bombing the shit out of ISIS”, whom the war-hawks and globalists have supported in their thwarted attempts to overthrow the democratically elected government of Syria) must be opposed and, if possible, neutralized or terminated. Thus, the ouster of Flynn appears to be a macro-dynamic related to hindering American and Russian relations as hinted at by Mr.Trump.

In this regard, following Flynn’s expulsion, Leonid Slutsky, head of the Russian Duma’s (Parliament) foreign-affairs committee, issued a statement, picked-up by The Washington Post.

According to Slutsky, the removal of Flynn represents a “negative signal for normalizing the Russian-American dialogue.”

Likewise, Russian Senator Alexi Pushkov echoed Slutsky’s evaluation by indicating that the issue is more about Russian relations than it is about Flynn:

 “The mission isn’t Flynn, it’s relations with Russia.”

The Trump Team is therefore facing stiff opposition not only from an entrenched bureaucracy but also from die hard members of the intelligence community who still view Russia through the lens of Soviet Communism or of those committed to globalism and who realize that Russia is increasingly becoming a Christian nation-state and purveyor of traditional family values and an avowedly anti-liberal foreign policy. If Trump plans to improve relations with Russia, thereby enhancing Russian economic development, according to the globalists, he must be opposed. The Deep State supporters of global hegemony, those who promote the ideological export of American values to all nations abroad view themselves as patriots who must stop the nefarious Russian Bear whose commitment to national sovereignty and Christianity is a threat to global hegemony and the advancement of the liberal New World agenda.  Thus, the “Deep State” and its operatives in the bureaucracy must stop Russia even if it mean opposing their own president, and even though such opposition is a crime that could be prosecuted as “treason.”



Given such an international political battlefield, it is little wonder that President Trump is being opposed and Russia vilified. As the contestants stepped into the arena for the first round, Trump lunged forward with a flurry of punches beginning with a quick jab to Obamacare, an undercut to immigration, and a hay-maker that halted taxpayer dollars from being used to fund “counseling or referrals for abortion or advocating for access to abortion services” in foreign countries. It was the Deep State however, those operating in the shadows of secrecy, that threw the most devastating punch. It appears that Mr. Trump endured a body blow to the gut that doubled him over causing him to regurgitate his National Defense Secretary whom he discharged from office leading many analysts giving the first round to the Deep State and leaving them wondering if Trump could recover from the body thrashing.

Is it possible that Trump was playing “rope a dope” from round one in order to score a bigger victory, perhaps a KO in later rounds? That we do not know, but if the president continues on like this, few doubt that his mouth piece will be out by round two and by the third round he will acquiesce (as others before him) by agreeing to throw the fight and giving way to the demands of the Deep State who will carry him for appearance sake to the fifteenth round of the fourth year, that is, if he plays along as he is supposed to.

By failing to fight back, by failing to protect Flynn, President Trump appears to be dazed, a look that can only increase the ferocity of his opponent, a look that rapidly unleashes the instinct to close in for the finish.

trumpjacksonNonetheless, some analysts such as Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin emphasize that the president can still win IF he sticks to the simple program of delivering on his campaign promises; this however will entail a ferocious battle, perhaps the most lethal in the annals of American Executive history. If Mr. Trump’s hanging the picture of Andrew Jackson across from his desk in the Oval Office is any indicator of his resolve, if it is more than decor, expect the president to launch a coy but surreptitious comeback.

“His only chance to prevail is by forcing his way through in order to win as soon as possible massive support at home and active assistance from his real allies around the world. He must stick to his promises and show uncompetitive faithfulness to his team,” Eskin stressed.

Eskin understands that Trump is up against the Deep State, that he must deal with lethal opponents and their agents deeply entrenched in the Washington bureaucracy.

It is unlikely that the president will find enough intellectual and cultural support at home (support beyond the adulation of the masses), a land inundated with liberal values, a place where liberal political, economic, and moral ideas have morphed into ordinary life to be accepted without thought as easily as oxygen in the air is inhaled without any thinking involved. This culture has spread far beyond the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to encompass the globe thereby making the American Deep State and its allies major players and beneficiaries in the global spread of liberalism. This culture of liberalism has become so pervasive that it has been concretized in every major institution, the very structures of society that John Paul II was speaking about when he stated:

“It is important to note therefore that a world which is divided unto blocs, sustained by rigid ideologies, and in which instead of interdependence and solidarity different forms of imperialism hold sway, can only be a world subject to structures of sin. The sum total of the negative factors working against a true awareness of the universal common good, and the need to further it, gives the impression of creating, in persons and institutions, an obstacle which is difficult to overcome.”

Eventually, Mr. Trump will have to make some moves against terrorists in the Middle East who have been supported overtly or covertly by transfer of aid from one group to another in Syria and Iraq. Eventually the truth will have to be told about American ally Saudi Arabia. It is the Sauds not Iranians who are the major sponsor of international terrorism.  It is true that Iran supports lonesome Hezbollah; the roots of 9-11, however are traced to Riyadh not Tehran, ISIS-ISIL and Al Qaeda all have their roots on Saudi Arabia, the home of the most radical forms of Islam – Wahhabi and Salafist – a tyrannical monarchy opposed to democracy and upholders of Shariah law.

Eventually these realities will have to be admitted, and the Trump administration will have to deal with the cascading fallout such a revelation and its resounding repercussions will cause among neoliberal and neocon supporters of Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is due to Israel’s opposition to Hezbollah and to its cooperation with US ally Saudi Arabia (albeit for political expediency) that Iran is vilified in the Western press while Iran’s opponent, Saudi Arabia (the home of jihad, Al Queda, and Sunni radicalism in its many forms) is supporting terrorists throughout the Middle East in order to destabilize governments antithetical to its (and Israel’s) interests, which currently also seem to be American interests. The US declared a war on terrorism and then turned around and gave significant tranches of aid to terrorists while simultaneously maintain its alliance with the country that produces them.  If President Trump dares to team up with Russia to eradicate terrorism, he will have to face the ire of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Deep State.



However, if the new president continues the foreign policy of the Bush and Obama administrations (who though very different in ideology waged essentially the same failing strategy of the Middle East), if he continues to pursue the same path as his predecessors (a path favored by the globalists), American Foreign Policy will continue its downward slide and America will continue suffering one international embarrassment after another (as it has for the past decade) while earning the ire of other nations around the globe. President Obama, the Nobel Peace winner, was never able to disengage from war or to defeat ISIS; Trump however, has vowed to obliterate them, implicitly, with Russian cooperation. It is this cooperation, above almost all else, that makes him the enemy of the deep establishment.

If Mr. Trump moves too quickly, he will not be able to withstand the tumultuous tsunami that is being gathered for a melancholy day of release; he must first cultivate relationships among international leaders who have a very different view on America and American Foreign Policy than that being fed to Mr. Trump by neocon war-hawks such as Sen. John McCain who recently discredited himself again by what he evaluated as an adroit move to pit Trump against Putin.

If Sen. McCain believes that Mr. Trump will buy into his most recent ploy, he must think the new president is a novice at chicanery – highly unlikely, it does not take philosophical or theological brilliance to be a master of practical politics – any successful business man can play quite well on his field.


What Happened?

During his campaign Mr. Trump alarmed Kiev by indicating that he would seek improved relations with Russia.  Conflict is still underway in Eastern Ukraine where it erupted the day following an early term phone conversation between President Trump and President Putin. The violence was so great that it resulted in the highest casualty rate since the end of 2016

According to Sen McCain, Russia is experimenting with the new president to test his gullibility and his resolve to oppose a lying murderer like Vladimir Putin.  Putin cannot be trusted and therefore the Ukraine should be supplied with lethal aid in order to route the pro-Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine.

In a letter released by Sen. McCain to the United States President, McCain offered his specious version of events. From McCain’s perspective,

“This surge of attacks began the day after he (Putin) talked with you by phone is a clear indication that Vladimir Putin is moving quickly to test you as commander in chief. America’s response will have lasting consequences.”

Obama provided Ukraine with non-lethal aid such as drones, radar, first aid equipment, communication apparatus etc. But McCain wants the new president to provide lethal assistance.  According to the neocon war-hawk,

“Vladimir Putin’s violent campaign to destabilize and dismember the sovereign nation of Ukraine will not stop unless and until he meets a strong and determined response.”

It appears that Sen McCain lacks respect for the new president. Does he really expect Mr. Trump to believe that one day following a phone conversation with the President of Russia, that Russia would foment a violent military surge in the Ukraine thereby winning the ire of America’s Commander and Chief, a man whom Putin has longed to talk with in order to facilitate cooperation in the Middle East against ISIS?  Vladimir Putin has a reputation of being a very rational person; the act that the senator is accusing him of is very irrational. What does Putin gain from bluntly, boldly, and condescendingly lying to Trump? Sen. McCain’s letter appears to be non-nonsensical and therefore to be treated as highly specious. It appears more likely that if anyone is testing the new president, it is Sen. McCain himself.

The two leaders (Putin and Trump) engaged in conversation for nearly an hour, a conversation that VP Mike Pence was invited to sit in on. Afterward, the Kremlin issued a statement in which they said:

“…both sides showed their readiness for active, joint work to stabilize and develop Russian-American cooperation.”

The White House referred to the talk as a “

“… significant start to improving a relationship ‘in need of repair.”

Who in their right mind would talk about repairing relationships, joint-work and cooperation by phone one day and the next blow the entire peace and cooperation process by ordering a major strike in an area of major contention? Apparently, Sen McCain and the American Intelligence Community along with the so-called “fake news” outlets used to leak their stories have become so accustomed to public manipulation that they think people will believe anything they say. Unfortunately, for them, people are waking up to the game – Newera is quite confident that the President of the United States is wide awake to it.

In the interim, President Trump will have to go along with many ruses, or apparently so, occasionally garnering support from his followers by delivering on select aspects of his campaign promises – enough to keep the sheep satisfied and the wolves at bay while he builds goodwill around the globe. At first, he might have to continue support for Qatar and Sauid Arabia and buttress the pillars of Zionism (political forces that all support terrorism and an equal disdain for Russia and her allies); nonetheless, if the new president plays his cards right, he will be able to Trump any hand.  He will deliver on his campaign promises but not in a way that is readily apparent. It is not time for fisticuffs, so yes, Newera does tend to believe that Mr. Trump has came out with a rope a dope in Round One, at least partially so. If he is able to eventually pound ISIS into oblivion (the sooner the better) with Russian cooperation, he will build up a tidal wall of good-will and support composed of many international components that spell peace, a peace woven into a wall that will be able to withstand any Tsunami the Deep State can bellow in his direction.

If President Trump collapses before the winds and succumbs to the mounting global pressures of liberalism and to those in his own administration, if he fails to deliver on his campaign promises and follows the lead of Neocon war-hawks  like Sen. John McCain, New Era foresees an abject failure on the horizon and the ultimate collapse of American Foreign Policy and the waning of American influence.


Continued Tomorrow as Newera delves more deeply into this crucial issue at the forefront of the Trump presidency.