DURING CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY several significant events occurred that manifest the continued demise of global liberalism as the world continues to move toward an “Era of Peace” promised by the Mother of God at Fatima.

Following the demise of the Soviet Union, Republican think tanks, such as the American Enterprise Institute, crafted the “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC) to disseminate America’s economic-political-social agenda around the globe by means of war and “nation building” as if a victory over the Soviet Union signaled the moment for American hegemony, even if it was unwanted by many third world countries in Africa and Asia and newly developing nations in Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, according to the “neo-cons” (neoconservatives) , the so-called “developing nations” should thank America for interfering in their domestic affairs. They are so backwards and lost in darkness and ignorance that they must be “forced to be free through a program of “nation building” backed by the state as championed by Jean Jacques Rousseau, one of the classical patriarchs of modern liberal democracy. Liberal democracy in the name of “freedom”  has generated a hedonistic and materialistic world view foisted upon the nations as part of American foreign policy.

Cardinal Glemp, Primate of Poland during the Solidarity Era, foresaw and lamented the spread of Western Liberalism, what he referred to as “materialism.”

“We (Poland and the Catholic Church) have withstood the onslaught of ‘atheistic materialism‘, Communism is dead. However, I am not so sure that we can withstand the onslaught of ‘hedonistic materialism‘ (coming from the West).”

Since a materialistic world view has been promoted by American foreign policy, it should be no surprise that PNAC has morphed into the American Foreign Policy Initiative (ACPI). ACPI focuses on human rights, a robust military equipped to meet global challenges and global economic outreach.  Like PNAC, ACPI is committed to a belief in American exceptionalism and the need for American intervention around the globe.  Thus, according to the ACPI Mission Statement:

“In this new era, the consequences of failure and the risks of retreat would be even greater than before. The challenges we face require 21st century strategies and tactics based on a renewed commitment to American leadership. The United States remains the world’s indispensable nation — indispensable to international peace, security, and stability, and indispensable to safe-guarding and advancing the ideals and principles we hold dear.”

Neocon heavyweights William Kristol and Robert Kagan, who were both project directors of the PNAC, co-founded ACPI in 2009. Since then, American Foreign Policy has included such aberrations as usury, abortion, artificial birth control, homosexuality, gender confusion, and excessive tolerance resulting in a sin filled anti-Christian global culture funded by American dollars disguised as “foreign aid” intended to promote, peace, prosperity and, of course, freedom.

Ironically, none of these objectives (peace, prosperity, freedom-authentic freedom) have been achieved; the nations do not co-exist in peace, prosperity has not been forthcoming in those nations that are recipients of foreign aid, and freedom has been compromised by political interference and a whole host of addictions: chemical addiction, sex addiction, media addiction, food addiction, tobacco and alcohol addiction and a culture of dependency, which enervate and enfeeble human strength and ability to resist temptations leading to an explosion of erotic and irascible behavior. Although liberals set freedom on a granite pedestal to be honored as a goddess, few people can attain freedom in a culture wherein sin, death, and violence pervasively dominate the air waves in which her torch shines.

“Jesus answered them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin (not free)” (John 8:34).

Nor can peace be attained as long as neo-con war hawks (aided by their neo-liberal allies) continue their push for an “American Century”, a period of American global hegemony accompanied by the three pillars of economic, political, and social-cultural liberalism. Peace cannot be obtained in a world without God, in a world dominated by usury that works to the benefit of a few, in a world in which military power is used to disseminate materialism and hedonism upon weaker nations as if the world were an UNREGULATED jungle in which the will of the stronger pervades to the detriment of the weaker.



  1. Weapons made in the United States found in Aleppo
  2. Boko Haram defeated in Nigeria
  3. Russia, Turkey and Iran Brokering Peace, US Excluded
  4. Israeli Expansion Opposed in UN


I Weapons Made in the United States Found in Aleppo

Neo-con globalists must have swallowed hard when, over the Christmas holiday, the Syrian army liberated Aleppo and were greeted not by fear and anxiety as the Western press would have its readers believe, but with thunderous applause from Syrian citizens accompanied by joyous celebration, which broke out in the streets of Aleppo, a city newly liberated from American backed terrorists euphemistically referred to in the press as “moderates”  and “freedom fighters”.  No one has been able to satisfactorily define just what in fact a “moderate terrorist” is, terrorists equipped by the United States and its allies to free Syria from its supposed despotic leader Bashar al Assad (see “Syrian Army Routes Terrorists Liberates Aleppo Can they Defeat Liberal Propaganda“)

Ironically, it is Assad who is freeing Syrians from foreign despotism; the Western backed terrorists were not armed and paid to free Syria, but to enslave it (see video below).

“It is a fact that since 2012, those so-called ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria had been absorbed into al-Qaeda groups or pledged allegiance to ISIS. For the past year, the moderates have been gone. So when the media only calls these groups freedom fighters, [while] these fighters have pledged themselves to al-Qaeda, and to ISIS, make no mistake – they are not looking to make Syria free. They are looking to enslave it, as they have so many other places” (see video).

In this regard, Ben Swann (WGCL-TV Atlanta) took mainstream media to task for its poor coverage of the Aleppo event. Swann demonstrated that the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ backed by the US are actually supporting the terrorists.

Swan reports that the CIA regularly delivered weapons to the Syrian rebels.” The Washington Post confirmed these deliveries, and also implicated the US State Department. The Post reported that the  “flow of material” marked “a major escalation of the US role in Syria’s civil war.” Swann states that through 2016, “weapons and funding from the West continued. In September of this year, 2016, the US delivered three thousand tons of weapons and ammo to fighters in Syria, including rocket launchers and anti-tank guided weapons systems.”

Anchor Ben Swann – WGCL-TV Atlanta


Aleppo Falls American Cache Located and Confiscated


II Boko Haram was Surprisingly Defeated by the Nigerian Army Announced Christmas Eve

Since 2009, Nigeria, one of the largest Christian countries in Africa, has been facing an insurrection from Boko Haram (BH), the radical Islamic State affiliate in Nigeria.  BH was founded in 2002 by a Muslim clergyman; translated BH roughly means “western culture is a sin”. Nigeria is a country steeped in traditional family values rooted in the natural law manifest in Christianity and Islam. Southern Nigeria is predominately Christian, while the North remains predominately Muslim and a breeding ground for radical Islam. Nonetheless, BH has been a nemesis to both Christian and Muslim cultures, which have consistently lost ground to the terrorists. In 2009 the extremely radical Abubakr took over the group and violence escalated.

Since 2009, BH has killed approximately 20,000 people and driven 2.3 million into exile. The United Nations confirmed the humanitarian crisis in Nigeria, reporting that up to “14 million people [are] in need of humanitarian assistance.” In 2014 hundreds of school girls were abducted from a government secondary boarding school in Chibok, Northeast Nigeria.

Prior to the rise of BH, Muslims and Christians lived alongside each other (as in Syria, Russia, Iraq etc).  Today, they fight alongside each other as members of the Nigerian army battling BH together.

Nigerian Catholic Bishop Emanuel Badejo confirms this coexistence prior to the rise of BH:

“I’m from the West of Nigeria, where the Yoruba culture is very strong. In the Yoruba culture there are many Muslims. In my particular area we are a minority of Christians living with a majority of Muslims, but we do wonderfully well together. In my diocese—and I think this is something that hasn’t gotten into the public media enough—I have 17 schools. Seventy percent of the students in my schools are Muslim children and even some of them — not that many, but quite a number — opt to convert to Christianity and their parents don’t have a problem with that. I am telling you the truth.”

Bishop Badejo has informed the world that BH is being used by the United States to advance the liberal agenda in Nigeria. According to the bishop, Nigeria is under the liberal threat of  “ideological colonization” that is seeking to destroy the family.

“It’s so bad, he says, that the “United States has made clear it will not help Nigeria fight the Boko Haram terror group unless the country modify its laws regarding homosexuality, family planning and birth-control.”

So BH is being being used as a battering ram to martyr Nigeria in the name of liberalism. Thus, when Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, made the Christmas Eve announcement that Boko Haram had been defeated, the world’s liberal elite took notice. The president announced:

“I want to use this opportunity to commend the determination, courage and resilience of troops of Operation Lafiya Dole at finally entering and crushing the remnants of the Boko Haram insurgents at ‘Camp Zero,’ which is located deep within the heart of Sambisa Forest.”

The Nigerians have taken a momentous step forward by defeating BH. The liberal tiger is being de-clawed one nail at a time. The defeat of BH helps rid the country of a radical destabilizing force that has shook it to its foundations. Now, that Christians and Muslims have fought alongside each other to rid the country of a radical Western backed terrorist group a peace process can be initiated.


Nigeria and the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary recently appeared in Rosario, Argentina to Gladys Quiroga de Motta, an eighty year old grandmother, whom She presented with a rosary and to whom She confided many messages including the ones below:

“Many hearts do not accept my invitation to prayer and to conversion. That is why the work of the devil is growing and expanding.


“It is up to you to set your eyes and your heart on God.”


I want to cure my children from this illness which is materialism; an illness which makes many suffer. I want to help them discover Christ, and I want to make it known to them that Christ prevails over everything.”

The Mother of God spoke to Gladys several times regarding a coming victory, it will not come without a spiritual struggle, She said, but “Jesus Christ will win the great battle, my child…”  “Blessed are those who make reparation for the grave offences which my Son receives.” Interestingly, Our Lady not only asked Her sons and daughters to pray the rosary to help bring about a victory over materialism in Argentina, She also promised that the rosary would be instrumental in bringing about a global “Era of Peace” spearheaded by the conversion of Russia; the rosary has been also instrumental in the defeat of BH.

In this regard, Nigerian Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme, of the Diocese of Maiduguri, a diocese that has suffered immensely from BH atrocities, told Catholic News Agency that Our Lord appeared to him in a vision and foretold the defeat of BH. In the vision Bishop Doeme saw the Lord holding a sword, which He extended toward him, and he in turn reached out for it.” Immediately, after handing the sword to the bishop it was transformed into a rosary:

“As soon as I received the sword, it turned into a rosary,” the bishop said, adding that Jesus then told him three times: “Boko Haram is gone.”


“I didn’t need any prophet to give me the explanation,” he said. “It was clear that with the rosary we would be able to expel Boko Haram.”



Due to the defeat of BH, Bishop Doeme reports that the Nigerian people are returning home. Thus, another Nigerian Bishop, Emmanuel Badejo, reports that:

“The bombing and the killing has largely diminished. In many parts of the north of Nigeria where you couldn’t go before, now you can hear a pin drop. People are returning to their homes, and Boko Haram is largely consigned to the borders of Nigeria.”

Bishop Doeme has been joined by all the bishops of Nigeria who have collectively placed the future of their country into the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace. “The nation’s bishops’ conference has consecrated the country to her twice in recent years.” This consecration has been instrumental in the defeat of BH thereby enabling President Buhari to make the following announcement on Christmas Eve indicating the rebirth of Our Lord in Nigeria as elsewhere around the globe as liberalism is being routed and Christianity reestablished:

President  Buhari’s Complete Announcement:

“I am delighted at, and most proud of the gallant troops of the Nigerian Army, on receipt of the long-awaited and most gratifying news of the final crushing of Boko Haram terrorists in their last enclave in Sambisa Forest.”


“I want to use this opportunity to commend the determination, courage and resilience of troops of Operation Lafiya Dole at finally entering and crushing the remnants of the Boko Haram insurgents at “Camp Zero”, which is located deep within the heart of Sambisa Forest.”


“I was told by the Chief of Army Staff that the Camp fell at about 1:35pm on Friday, December 22, and that the terrorists are on the run, and no longer have a place to hide.  I urge you to maintain the tempo by pursuing them and bringing them to justice”.


“I, therefore, call on all Nigerians to cooperate and support the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies by providing useful information that will expose all the terrorists hiding among the populace.”


“Further efforts should be intensified to locate and free our remaining Chibok girls still in captivity. May God be with them.”


“I also want to congratulate and commend the able leadership of the Nigerian Army in particular and indeed, that of the Armed Forces in general, for making this possible. This, no doubt, will go a long way in improving the security situation not only in the North East, but the country in general.  But we must not let our guards down.”


“Once more, congratulations to our troops and all who, in one way or the other, contributed to this most commendable and momentous effort. May the Almighty continue to be with you.”


“I wish you a Merry Christmas and a most rewarding and peaceful Year 2017 ahead.”

The defeat of BH is another indicator among a growing mountain of indicators (listed  below) that global liberalism is in decline and that the Era of Peace promised at Fatima is in the making; perhaps in time for the hundredth anniversary of Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima in 1917.

The Virgin Mary – Argentina – Pope Francis vs Global Liberalism

Polish Bishops in Union with President Duda Proclaim Jesus Christ King of Poland

Poland Moves Against Western Liberalism – “The Spark will Come out of Poland”

Poland and European Union Square-off Over National Sovereignty and Liberalism

France, Oldest Daughter of the Church Rediscovering Her Catholic Identity


Anti EU Pro-Christian Party Emerges in UK Leader Already Meets with Trump

Transdniestria and Moldova Affirm Russian Preference Further Alarming Globalists

Bulgaria, Moldova Join Movement away from EU Liberalism Toward Russia

Unexpected Rise of Christian Nationalist Party in Slovakia

Hungary Like Poland Moves Towards its Christian Roots

Trump Vow to Take on Global Establishment Followed by Promise of Support to Catholics

The Virgin Mary – Argentina – Pope Francis vs Global Liberalism

Nigeria Part of Growing Line Opposed to Liberalism and Liberal US Policies

South Africa Withdraws from International Court

Philippine President Duterte Tilts Toward China and Russia

President Duterte Joins Growing List Upset with the International Criminal Court

Malaysia Follows Philippines Tilts Away from US Toward Russia and China

Has the US State Department Declared War on the Catholic Church?

Syrian Army Routes Terrorists Liberates Aleppo Can they Defeat Liberal Propaganda

Syria and Russia Clearly Gaining Upper Hand against Terrorists while Globalists Look On

The above global events indicate that Pope Benedict XVI’s homiletic statement during his apostolic visit to Fatima is apropos for the times:

“…We would be mistaken” to consider the prophetic mission of the apparitions at Fatima complete. It continues to be relevant in that it continually invites men and women of good faith “to save the city of man,” he told the 500,000 people gathered for the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.”

As such, Pope Benedict prayed for the future “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart” promised at Fatima, with the special plea that it be “hastened”, during the years leading up to 2017 when, from the months of May through October, the Church will celebrate the centenary of the Our Lady’s extraordinary appearance there.

“May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions (2010-2017) hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.”

Given the rapidity with which world events are unfolding, one after another, indicating the demise of global liberalism and the reversion of nations to their national and Christian patrimonies, it appears that the pope’s prayer along with the prayers of all the faithful are being answered. Fatima is not a thing of the past. Fatima is happening now.




  1. Russia, Turkey and Iran Brokering Peace, US Excluded
  2. Israeli Expansion Opposed in UN