Saint Thomas Aquinas

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In his own words, St. Thomas wrote De Regno to “carefully expound (according to the authority of Holy Writ and the teachings of the philosophers as well as the practice of worthy princes) both the origin of kingly government and the things which pertain to the office of a king.” Like any great  saint or man inspired by God, Thomas relied “for the beginning, progress and accomplishment of this work, on the help of Him, Who is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, through Whom kings rule, God the Mighty Lord, King great above all gods.” 

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Saint Thomas Aquinas
Treatise on Kingship and Law Volume 47

Saint Thomas  wrote about kings inspired by the King of Kings. Learn how he advances political philosophy beyond the already significant contributions made centuries earlier by Aristotle by combing  faith and reason to provide integral insight into the age-old political quest to derive answers to questions such as: what is the best type of government, what is law, and how do they contribute to human happiness.


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