Saint Teresa of Avila: The Interior Castle

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Saint Teresa, a Carmelite mystic and Doctor of the Church, understood the essential dignity of the human soul and the need for a rich Interior Life in union with Christ, the Bridegroom of the soul.

Learn from her the mystical steps of progress leading to spiritual perfection necessary to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a member of the Body of Christ.

Teresa is unsurpassed in spiritual sagacity and  union with the Holy Trinity by way of Divine Love for God and neighbor. Carmelite spirituality is for beginners and for those who have already mastered themselves and are leading a “good life” but want to advance further by means of spiritual wisdom and divine love to ultimate union with God. Teresa covers every step along “The Way”.”

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Saint Teresa of Avila: The Interior Castle
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 59

The Interior Castle is a Classic in mystical theology and the sublime mysticism of Mt. Carmel.

Saint Teresa is a Doctor of the Church and master of the spiritual life. She is an outstanding guide for modern spirituality leading to the union of man with God known as divinization, Trintarian Humanism and among the Orthodox, as theosis. 


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