Dr. David J. P. Marzak Trinitarian Humanism

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“In a world often blindly led by isolated scientific discovery, this book shines as a light in the darkness.” It presents new knowledge in “the sciences without sacrificing the long-established use of reason and faith.”

Dr. Marzak tackles the critical and fundamental question of human nature, body and soul. He makes a comprehensive case for a “new” humanism, an understanding the mystery of the human person based on the mystery of the Trinity.


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Dr. David J. P. Marzak Trinitarian Humanism
Endorsed by World Apostlate of Fatima

In our hyper-politicized society there is no shortage of debate over what makes for a good human society, but without a common understanding of human nature most of this debate is unproductive.  Our Trinitarian nature serves as the key to unlocking the meaning of the human existence.

This book is not a quick read, but delves into each of its subject areas, including biology, DNA, philosophical psychology and Trinitarian Theology. Dr. Marzak provides extensive supporting facts and arguments, along with many beautiful insights.

This is a timely book, as it explores many of the themes hinted at in Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical “Laudato Si”. This book is highly recommend to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of human nature and its impact on social renewal in the coming Era of Peace.

2 reviews for Dr. David J. P. Marzak Trinitarian Humanism

  1. Nydia

  2. Latrell Castanon

    Powerfully bringing together a new vision of the human person in relation to the Fatima Apparitions, Politics, and much needed Social Renewal! Thank you Dr. Marzak for your much needed perspective in these most trying times!

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