The World’s Greatest Secret

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The “World’s Greatest Secret” is a book you should acquire and cherish, a book that will lead you into deeper union with the Holy Trinity written by a man who dedicated His life to service of the Trinity by means of filial and true devotion to the Mother of God. She appeared at Fatima to three small children to entrust a Message of Peace and an urgent appeal for the world to turn to God and to love Him in the most Blessed Sacrament, which He entrusted to His Church as the testament of His great promise to remain with Her forever even until the end of time (Matt 28:20).

It is by means of the Eucharist that men and women, young and old, feeble and strong are brought into deepest Holy Communion with the Holy Trinity through Jesus, with Jesus, and in Jesus as the Body of Jesus made possible by worthy reception of the Holy Eucharist, the LIVING WORD OF GOD (John 1:1).

According to Dr. Tom Petrisko, this is simply “The greatest book on the Eucharist”




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John Mathias Haffert
The World’s Greatest Secret Volume 100

Of this book, which sold over 100,000 copies, Saint Padre Pio said: “It will have success during the author’s life but will have greatest success after his death.” John Haffert, the Co-Founder of the World Apostolate of Fatima has gone on to his eternal reward, but the mystery of the Eucharist remains. By reading this book you can be fulfilling a prophecy made by one of the 20th centuries greatest saints and helping yourself to become a better member of the mystical body of Christ through worthy reception of the Eucharist.


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