Paulus Orosius

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Orosius provides a generous dose of truth about the state of the world before the arrival of Christ. Like his friend and mentor, St Augustine, he  intended to show that the sack of Rome was not the result of abandoning pagan gods but because of these gods on account of the religious practices they demanded and lascivious lifestyles they encouraged and championed.

Orosius is not popular among  historians, such as anti-Catholic Edward Gibbon, who made (or make) a living out of distorting history and defaming Christianity, but Orosius is growing increasingly popular in an age, such as ours, marked by an increasing desire for truth complemented by fair and balanced information.



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Paulus Orosius
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 31

Paulus Orosius (375-418) was born in the Roman province of Hispania Gallaecia, in Northern Portugal-Spain. He won renown an historian and correspondent to Saint Augustine of Hippo and of Saint Jerome whom he met in Jerusalem.

Orosius’ research on the pagans was an integral contribution to St. Augustine’s City of God.  His Seven Books of History Against the Pagans, completed in 418 shotly after the sack of Rome by Alaric, won him renown as an historiographer. He composed these books in response to request for detailed research about the history of the pagans that could support his own research and conclusions about the down fall of Rome, which he attributed to the perverse religious practices of the pagans.

Orosius provided Augustine, and he provides all of us, with detailed and accurate information about the pagan peoples from antiquity up to the fourth century in which they lived. Like Augustine, he intended to demonstrate the great improvement in moral, social, political, economic and overall human well-being that the Christian brought to  people steeped in the darkness of paganism.


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