Plato’s Republic

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In the Republic Plato grapples What the question of virtue and its relationship to citizenship and rule in democratic, monarchic and aristocratic societies. Ultimately he is concerned with finding and answer to the best type of government, which he finds in the “Statesman” and with the education and formation of virtuous rulers, which is the topic of the “Republic“.

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Plato’s Republic with Dr. Richard Geraghty

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Plato’s Republic
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 14 (Philosophy)

Plato (424-347 BC) was a Greek philosopher of first rank.  His writings are part of most every philosophy curricula in the entire Western World. Plato was taught by Socrates and was, himself, the teacher of the incomparable Aristotle. Together these three are the original founders of both science and philosophy.

In general it may be said that Plato is to St. Augustine as Aristotle is to St. Thomas Aquinas.  That is, he is responsible for a great and legitimate school of philosophy that has had more than a major impact on Christian civilization and on Christian philosophy and theology.

Plato’s  Republic, Laws  and Statesman are the three treatises in which he grappled with the political question . He did in systematic style, relying on previous mastery of metaphysics, ethics and psychology, which is a hallmark of brilliant minds. Plato’s eminence is shared by a rare company of theologians and philosophers including St.Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, the already mentioned Aristotle and Socrates as well as others such as St. Bonaventure, St. Robert Bellarmine and Cicero.


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