Rev. Edward Cahill S.J.

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The Framework of a Christian State is a rare find. Rev. Cahill has an encompassing understanding of Catholic social thought, of its historic contingencies, its development, dissolution, principles and possibilities for application.

His presentation is well documented and supported by valuable historical data that you have probably never heard before, that is according to moral norms implemented under the impulse of both natural law and Divine Law in Catholic countries before the advent of modernity. 




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Rev. Edward Cahill, S.J.
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 92

Rev. Cahill (1868–1941) was an Irish Jesuit Priest and Professor of Church History and Catholic Social Doctrine. He was also a champion of Catholic social thought and its application in the “Free State of Ireland“.

Though his thoughts are presented in a pre-Vatican II mode aimed more at hardcore truth than pastoral sensitivity, Father Cahill possesses a vast wealth of understanding and offers a thorough and encompassing analysis of Catholic social teaching along with objective and irreplaceable historic data  that is extremely helpful in understanding Catholic culture.

Special  emphasis is given to private property distribution and Christian common law. Cahill also examines the family, economy, politics and effects of Protestantism and Free Masonry on social development


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