William H. Prescott

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Prescott’s “Conquest of Mexico offers a balanced and well researched history of the Spanish settlement of Mesoamerica. A highly welcomed account among a field dominated by political correctness. Learn what really happened, what the Conquistadors actually confronted and of the super-human efforts it took to free a continent steeped in the darkness of idolatry, oppression and tyranny.




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William H. Prescott
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 83

William Prescott (May 4, 1796 – January 28, 1859) was an eminent  American political historian and a leading intellectual of the 19th century. He is among the most widely read American historians noted for his careful objective research and excellent scholarship. He specialized in the history of the Spanish Empire writing on such topics as the “Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic” (1837), the “Reign of Phillip II”, and  “The History of the Conquest of Mexico” (1843),  which is widely recognized as a classic in the field. The Conquest of Mexico is considered to be Prescott’s most significant literary achievement and is also his most enduring work.


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