Kings David and Solomon

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The Psalms of King David and The Song of Songs composed by his son, Solomon

Mystical Poetry at its Finest!




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Kings David and Solomon
Kolbe’s Greatest Books Volume 3

The King with a heart after God, warrior and romantic lover. David reflected on the law night and day and sang prophetic songs prefiguring the suffering messiah to spring form his loins.  His incomparable poetry has been recited and chanted as a sacred Psalter for over two thousand years. David’s son, King Solomon, imbibed his poetic skill and his wisdom and love from his father whom he surpassed with his inspired “Song of Songs”: the greatest love poem ever composed. The mystery of the Eucharist and the Body of Christ are hidden in this poetry which is a song of love sang by Christ to His beloved, Israel, beckoning her to become His betrothed and then His bride, the New Jerusalem, His mystical body to whom He longs to be united forever.  This is mystical poetry at its finest!


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